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  1. ibisboy1

    Dehumidifier drain

    I have a crawl space that I want to dehumidify. I have found a unit, but, not clear on how to drain. The crawl sits adjacent to my basement (it is under an addition). My thought was to set the unit up in the middle of the space and the run a pitched line to an outside wall and drain that way...
  2. ibisboy1

    Descaling old pipes

    I have a home that was built in 1949 and it has a cast iron stack and line. We are currently remodeling the basement and down to the studs. The other day I had a plumber replace part of the stack between the flanges with PVC as it had a number of patches. During the replacement some rust...
  3. ibisboy1

    Question - Expansion Cleanouts

    I am having some plumbing work done at my home and the main drain line for the house was partially replaced as it had a number of patches done over the years. After the replacement the cleanout started to leak. Not sure if there was some damage done during the replacement of the replaced...
  4. ibisboy1

    Any idea how I can remove this shower pan?

    I used a drill to put a few holes in the pan and the took a sawmill and cut around the drain. The pan came up, but, the flange and pipe are still there. Not sure where to go from here. I just want to make the area look clean (remove the flange and cap the pipe). I will let the next owner...
  5. ibisboy1

    Any idea how I can remove this shower pan?

    This house was built in the late 70's.. Not sure how to remove. I have seen the drain types where you use a key but nothing like that here.
  6. ibisboy1

    Hot Water Heater Questions

    I have a question I am hoping someone can help me with. I had a 50 gallon (40K BTU) AO Smith water heater for about 10 years. In the past few months it was not producing enough how water for more than one person, but, before that we had no issues with my wife and I taking back to back showers...
  7. ibisboy1

    Sewer Backup

    My home was built in the 1940's. During a bad storm last week (7 inches of rain in 3 hours) we had a sewer backup. We got about 3 inches of water in the basement. Flooding in the town was pretty widespread dispute being the highest point in cook county. Based on my discussion with the...
  8. ibisboy1

    Tub draining slowly after remodel

    Thanks. Tub was snaked yesterday. Tub is better, but, still not flowing as quickly as I would like - still get maybe an inch of pooling around the drain. Perhaps the drain line needs to be replaced? I think it would be possible to get to about 20 feet of the line from the basement. Thoughts?
  9. ibisboy1

    Tub draining slowly after remodel

    We remodeled our bathroom and are now finding that the tub is draining very slowly. Tried plunging, hot water already. Seems to have made some difference but, not draining anywhere near as fast as it was prior to the remodel. One thing that they did during the remodel was to make a slight...
  10. ibisboy1

    Water pressure drop after remodel?

    Not sure if this answers the question, but, the shower head is a 2.5 gallon per minute head. Also, for the sink, we used solid lines because it is for a pedestal sink and they are to some degree exposed.
  11. ibisboy1

    Water pressure drop after remodel?

    Thanks for the quick responses. The stuff was older (well, in my mind). My guess is that it was done in the late 80's or early 90's - the one exception was that the shower head was a newer (2.5 gph) model. However, it is smaller and has about half as many jets. Also, in response to the other...
  12. ibisboy1

    Water pressure drop after remodel?

    We had a contractor do a bathroom remodel and we are finding that the water pressure from the fixtures have dropped. I noticed that the contractor used 3/8 inch lines for the faucet (we had provided 1/2 which should have been used). In addition, we have a much larger shower head with more jets...
  13. ibisboy1

    Can I cut this pipe?

    I agree that working out how to cap it is the first priority. My thought was that at a minimum I could just go with another rubber cap. However, I really would like a better solution. My concern is that at some point the rubber cap may fail and I will need to open up the wall again. However...
  14. ibisboy1

    Can I cut this pipe?

    I would like to open up the wall and cut it out. I am in the process of doing some other work in the bathroom, so, I will need to do some other patching. Figured before I repaint, I would take care of this item. My plan is to use a sawzall with a tungsten carbide bit to cut off and then figure...
  15. ibisboy1

    Can I cut this pipe?

    I have a house that was built in the 40's. Prior owner did a bathroom remodel but left this pipe sticking out of the wall. It is capped, but, my concern is why did he not take it out to being with. I am hoping it was because he did not want to go through the trouble of opening the wall. When...
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