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  1. Craigpump

    Well water woes… need advice

    In case no one told you, the impellers in your new Bruiser pump are the same as in your old Bruiser pump. The only difference is the motor mount and discharge heads, they’re stainless. BTW, I wasn’t aware that Bruisers were still being made.
  2. Craigpump

    "New" Well Install and ???s

    Unless he’s working with wells sleeved with pvc, he’s full of crap, and here’s why. Unless the drop pipe is steel, it’s going to shake and move when the pump cycles on & off. When that pipe shakes due to the torque of the pump, the wire hits the rock on the inside diameter of the well and chafes...
  3. Craigpump

    Electrical connections inside well?!

    They’ll work but prone to corrosion, use the proper heat shrinks.
  4. Craigpump

    Pump for 1000 foot well?

    Find out who drilled it and make sure the well is worth the money to put a pump in. Any well will accumulate some water. If the thing is basically dry, why put a pump in it?
  5. Craigpump

    Seal well cap.

    Number one, your well guy is offering a short term solution at best and is thinking about his pocket more than your health. Number two, your casing as Boyce said should be higher. Standard of the industry domestic casing is called 6” but it’s actually 65/8 diameter. Number three, I’ve had the...
  6. Craigpump

    16kw Generac Guardian generator will not run 1hp Grudfos well pump

    Valveman is on the money. Grundfos 2 wire motors are junk! I’ve had brand new, out of the box motors not start and the ones that do pull excessive amps. They’re so bad that my supplier sent back their 4” Grundfos 2 wire pumps. Although I hate to promote anything made in china, the motors will...
  7. Craigpump

    How to remove cap from well

    That’s a tool that I came up with after fighting a stubborn well seal.
  8. Craigpump

    How to remove cap from well

    Boyce, you need a well seal puller. Steel rod with 1/2 npt threads & a shackle screwed into the vent port.
  9. Craigpump

    No water this morning. Pump control box giving off electric tingle and pops breaker. Please help.

    my father used to lick his fingers and touch the P switch screws, I’m a big fan of a volt meter though
  10. Craigpump

    Newbie installing vertical pump - should I try?

    First thing you need to do is throw that pos FloTec in the pond then go buy a real pump from a real supply house. While you're there show them pics of your casing and they will sell you the right equipment. 230 is always better than 115. Most jet pumps can be wired for either voltage but you...
  11. Craigpump

    Extending well casing, need advice

    Change those PVC fittings to stainless while you've got that opened up
  12. Craigpump

    Extending well casing, need advice

    Clean up your casing and get a good measurement on the OD, get a coupling of the proper size and have 1/2 of it turned on a lathe to the OD of your casing. Drive it on, square it up and weld it with 7018 rod. Then simply screw another piece in the the coupling and cut off above grade. Simple.
  13. Craigpump

    Well pump problems

    We got hit hard in Southbury, 6 days with no power! Jet pumps are your best friend or worst nightmare. Now would be a really good time to convert that old jet system to a submersible. Those old cast iron jet pumps have rust deposits in them that can & will break loose and go down and plug the...
  14. Craigpump

    Is my pump drawing too much current

    1.5 2 wire pumps are the worst, way better off with a 3 wire, bigger capacitors & more starting torque. You can see the difference just by starting both in the shop, the 3 wire really takes off. Grundfos 2 wire motors are famous for pulling high amps, in fact one supply house in my area quit...
  15. Craigpump

    Delay pump starting when pressure switch activates

    Why? The UV units I install have a count down timer in them, cycling them on & off throws off the timer. Shutting the UV off isn't going to save enough energy to see on your bill.
  16. Craigpump

    New pump with control box pump cycle time

    Sounds like too small of a tank for the gpm rating of the pump, or a bad tank. Either way a bad combination. Another reason most plumbers shouldn't do pump work.
  17. Craigpump

    New 900ft low GPM well

    Pentair with no issues so far.
  18. Craigpump

    GPM calcs after fracking

    The best way to frac is with 2 packers so you can control where the water goes. Stage Fracing with one packer does not give you that control. No one can tell you what the well makes after 30 minutes. Depending on how much water was used, it can take a few weeks for the structure to stabilize...
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