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  1. ShowerDude

    Need your input. Noble TS - drop down shower

    Yes fix will work as will Sika sealant at 1/3 price of fix..... have flood tested with both sucessfully. man do you have time on your side!!! no hurry!
  2. ShowerDude

    Does this tub drain look right to you?

    long walks around the lake can calm ones nerves after a bad drain purchase..
  3. ShowerDude

    Bathtub Mortar Bedding

    quickrete 5000 works great for tubs as do many other.. I do fill the tub while it sets up even with a mudbed, stay away from the foam approach.
  4. ShowerDude

    Another leveling the tub thread.

    A. Rebuild subfloor to allow for a self leveling lift or pour. ( meeting substrate prep requirments of SLC Mfg.) Ardex makes a super strong version called liquid backerboard. Dont want to or cant afford to upgrade subfloor???? B. Set tub level and supported in mortar bed on existing floor...
  5. ShowerDude

    Can I pull shower pan and reinstall mortar?
  6. ShowerDude

    Water leaking into shower at bottom grout line of tiled wall

    If your shower had not leaked in its first four years and then you adjusted the head and the leak appeared the answer is already obvious. All you have to do is cut a few holes in the drywall and get right to the bottom of it. cut hole behind shower head and turn it on . The leak should...
  7. ShowerDude

    Water leaking into shower at bottom grout line of tiled wall

    go ahead and verify your theory by opening the wall behind said leak. Drywall or plaster repair a small price vs the damage that could be happening. the only way to sleep well is to know for sure.
  8. ShowerDude

    A Half Bath Conversion

    A. You should visit your Mother more often ( if she will have you) B. Your post leads us and anyone reading to believe there is more than this 1 example, perhaps 2? can i hear 3 ?
  9. ShowerDude

    Cast iron alcove tub - how are "feet" shimmed?

    Real world VS manuals... dry fit tub in some chalk or the like so that you mark feet placement remove tub and shim level with some metal off cuts or the like and use your levels and fasten said metal in place reset tub ???? im no PLUMBER clearly a lot of heavy lifting im a fan of...
  10. ShowerDude

    Mortar bed under fiberglass whirlpool tub - How thick??

    real world VS manual not the same potato but you can make fries with both
  11. ShowerDude

    Wire Mesh in Shower Pre-pan?

    Vegas I would run from your scissors with my trowel. im pretty fast. HJ stirrin up the pot...Love it. WOW.....John and Roberto leaving Jim in the dust has left a big gaping hole here on the shower forum...Seems posts have dropped here. ? wonder why
  12. ShowerDude

    Wire Mesh in Shower Pre-pan?

    im sorry are you angry? were you asking for confirmation on how to do it wrong? or telling us all something? share with us how youve bonded your preslope? and again the concrete mfg specs that ok,s the "mystery" mix you used at an unbonded thick ness of 1/4" was trying to belp, but go...
  13. ShowerDude

    Wire Mesh in Shower Pre-pan?

    by mesh you mean lath? how did you conclude 1/4" of crete at drain flange is sufficient? and what floor mix was it you used? TCC ? the lath gives mortar purchase to substrate, you have essentially skmmed a floating floor at to thin a thickness likely, w zero purchase. the felt paper stops...
  14. ShowerDude

    Small bathroom - non-standard size tub remodel

    I cant stop laughing at your Budget ( aka cost of some of the materials..) Save a few bucks for injurys from sledgehammering tub and shards., and possible Lung/mold remediation. from what i see your alcove has a inch or 2 to spare already. ( beadboard wall to tub corner.) Cacher chicks got...
  15. ShowerDude

    Drop-in tub rim - no overhang

    fabricator should have had template. you do want an overhang, you do NEED to set tub in mortar bed as you flush out the tub flange follwed by silicone.... who was in charge of the template to fabricator transaction? tough spot to be in.
  16. ShowerDude

    Help with Large Master Shower plumbing

    good to hear youve done youre homework and hired a pro. pretty cool giving your daughter the deluxe dream shower... give her the 2 banks of 3 !!!
  17. ShowerDude

    Help with Large Master Shower plumbing

    you only asked about the plumbing? enter quesrion D :
  18. ShowerDude

    Leak under shower/toilet slab area

    keep digging get rid of as much cast as you can by now youve probobly tore more slab up and chased that back to your main stack? Go ahead And lower your new drain flange to the slab if your trap depth allows. i like your effort to add blocking at sole plate. That tells me you are doing...
  19. ShowerDude

    Shower drain in condo with no slab penetration.

    we have answered the Condo tub to shower conversion on this site many times! drain imstalls over suspended concrete etc. search the site and youll find the answers. the infinity drains not my favorite. and likely you wont need a side outlet if you already have a tub drain.?
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