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    Ariel tub floor jets drain water when they are off?

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    Very tight sewer line to toilet connection

    You want to run the bathroom stuff thru a backwater valve. The "normally open" type is better. How deep is the blue line sewer line? If deep enough, you can have pipes cross over the top of that.
  3. Reach4

    Can I use IBC tanks as permanent water storage?

    I would think you would not want a storage tank before the RO, but you would want a large precharged pressure tank. The storage tank you propose is open to the atmosphere, and as such would need an added pressure pump. That tank and pump are other maintenance items...
  4. Reach4

    House trap

    I am pretty sure, yes.
  5. Reach4

    PRV Causing water hammer?

    PRVs can make noise, that you might call machine gunning. Technically it is not called water hammer because water hammer is a single bang when you shut water off. I don't know what would cause the oscillation. Put your hand on the PRV, and there is a good chance you will feel the oscillation...
  6. Reach4

    3/4" copper main line to Pex-A?

    You could go 1 inch or 3/4 to the WH, but now that you mention it, running 1 inch to the WH makes more sense. I am not a plumber. On the hot, perhaps the bigger thing is that 3/4 slows the arrival of hot. If you are using 2.5 gpm showerhead, and 1.5 at the lav at the same time, 1/2 inch pex...
  7. Reach4

    3/4" copper main line to Pex-A?

    One inch PEX would be better until you split the plumbing into hot and cold paths. 3/4 inch copper is bigger ID than 3/4 PEX, which is 0.681 inches. 3/4 type L copper is .785 inches ID, and type K is 0.745 inches. For a bathroom, you would commonly run 3/4 inch PEX for cold, and 1/2 for hot.
  8. Reach4

    Shower leak problem

    Since the overflow is a potential source of leak, you should fill higher to let water go down the overflow in your test.
  9. Reach4

    Algea growth in sediment filter is my well and plumbing write-up. I am not a pro. It is more rigorous than most. Keys are lowering the pH, measuring the pH of recirculating water, measuring the chlorine level of recirculating...
  10. Reach4

    Well pump cycling and runs continuously with system off

    Is your symptom that the irrigation controller does not open the valve for each zone in turn, passing water to only the active zone?
  11. Reach4

    Shower leak problem

    Kids splash onto the floor and elsewhere.
  12. Reach4

    Water leaks from a pipe with sink?

    Is that a pipe at the very top of your photo? You could tape/tie some toilet paper or paper towel around higher suspect areas. If that does not get wet, then the cause is below your paper.
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    Fleck 5600sxt Rapid Rinse issue - loss of pressure in house

    Rapid rinse is like backwash, except the direction of flow is different. They both use the drain line. Air after regen would normally be one of these: o air check valve is not closing o there is a suction leak in the brine line or the path from the valve down to the air check o well runs...
  14. Reach4

    New house, iron and other impurities, katalox and

    My write-up is more intense than most. I expect it to last longer.
  15. Reach4

    120v Pump Confusiom and Chaos

    120 volt 1/2 HP submersible pumps are not uncommon. I think you are saying that you have good water to the sprinkler for about 9 minutes. What is the current thru the hot lead when the pump is pumping water? Expect about 10 amps. Since you replaced a check valve and did not see the pump...
  16. Reach4

    Securing shower arm to old splitting wood

    You can drill the holes bigger, and use moly anchors or toggle bolts. This presumes you can displace the drop ear elbow sideways temporarily after the nails are out. Alternatively, that auxiliary strap could be secured with anchors instead of screws.
  17. Reach4

    Help with plan for reducing corrosiveness of well water

    If you use the cheaper method of injection with soda ash, the adjustable fixed-rate injection is before the pressure tank. When the pump runs, the injection pump runs. So that would seem to protect more fittings. In the more sophisticated system, with a proportional injection pump, you have a...
  18. Reach4

    Well pump constantly running and tank losing pressure

    Where is the pump-- down the well (submersible), or above ground?
  19. Reach4

    Well Pressure tank replace or repair?

    On the old tank, can you try tightening the nuts 1/8 turn with a breaker bar and a 6-point socket? Just an idea, not based on experience.
  20. Reach4

    Replacing old receptacle with a new one for Window Air Conditioner

    Yes, ground is a needed safety thing, if you do not use a GFCI outlet.
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