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  1. sftcl201@

    Sink supply and drain through floor?

    Hi Folks!! It's been a long time, but you were all so crazy helpful with my last remodel I'm back! I'm onto another bathroom (have actually moved house!) and I think I have a real fun one from a problem perspective. Admittedly much of my own making because of the design choices I've made :D...
  2. sftcl201@

    Bathroom remodel, drain/vent questions

    So in my diagram above looks like the vent would tie in below the p-trap, which as Terry said I'm not allowed to do right? So can I tee the drain within the wall, run down into existing drain AND run up to existing vent. See below...
  3. sftcl201@

    Bathroom remodel, drain/vent questions

    Thanks Guys! my diagram wasn't very clear. Every fixture in the house has its own vent going through the roof (they don't tie together so I have lots of holes in the roof!). The current bathroom sink tees within the wall into the drain which goes up to though the roof to vent and then down...
  4. sftcl201@

    Bathroom remodel, drain/vent questions

    No, keeping the vent, just just planning on bringing the drain into it further down the run.
  5. sftcl201@

    Bathroom remodel, drain/vent questions

    I'm going for this today, so any advice welcome :) I know the air has to stay behind water but as long as I connect the new sink into the old line with a y fitting I think it should do that right? Length of drain run is a concern - it will be a 2' vertical run (through the floor) then a 3'...
  6. sftcl201@

    Bathroom remodel, drain/vent questions

    Hi Guys This is a great forum! I'm remodeling my bathroom which includes moving the sink location. You can see where it was from the drain in the below picture, I'm moving it to against the wall that the broom and ladder is covering. Under the bathroom is the garage with no ceiling so I have...
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