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  1. Wondering

    CSV questions

    I think you would just adjust your CSV to 54-55 and leave the pressure switch as is and also your air charge will stay the same. You are wanting more pressure while using water, correct?
  2. Wondering

    Pressure tank gauge drops to zero before pump cuts on

    I have a 40/60 switch also. I just run my tanks with 35 PSI. I figure if something is a little off you have more allowance with 35 plus it's only 3 PSI from the recommended 38 psi. No problems so far.
  3. Wondering

    Well water

    Cary, if you don't mind me asking what pressure do you run your pumps at? I'm sure you have all of yours on a CSV.
  4. Wondering

    Two pumps in well.

    Shouldn't the water filter be installed after the tank instead of between pump and tank, if I understood it's location correctly from above statement?
  5. Wondering

    Pressure Tank and CSV

    I would go with the 4.5 and see how that works out for you and the family. Then if you feel you need the 20 gallon also just add it along with the other one. I guess that would be ok.(two tanks). Have to ask Cary.
  6. Wondering

    PSI pushing power for 1.5HP Booster.

    If you are running 30-50 switch your air charge should be 25-28 lbs.
  7. Wondering

    Well Vent

    Thanks to you all for the reply. Two houses and a lot of cows and calves on it so I use a lot of water. Hope I don't have any problems for a long time.
  8. Wondering

    Well Vent

    I was reading here about wells need a vent. The top of mine has the seal that is down inside casing and you can't unscrew it or the bottom part will fall into the well. Has the pipe coming out and a spot where wiring comes out. Then it has a blue plastic screw in plug. Mine is screwed in so I...
  9. Wondering

    CentriPro/Goulds 1AS15 Continous Flow Controller error need help please

    I use a heat bulb in mine and it works well. When it gets really cold I use an electric heater. Believe it or not, my bulb has lasted several years. It will probably blow when I turn it on this year since I said that. I have had them before that didn't last long but this one has been the exception.
  10. Wondering

    Pump or Pressure tank info

    If you are running a 30/50 pressure switch you should have 26 psi air in your pressure tank. It is best for the pump to run constant while watering.
  11. Wondering

    New guy trying to figure out pressure tank

    Turn the power off, drain the tank, then add air from 35-38 psi. Leave your faucet open where you drained tank while adding air. Then close faucet, turn on power and see what you get. When pump kicks off, put your pressure gauge on the valve on tank and see what your kick off pressure is. Your...
  12. Wondering

    Newbie Well Owner

    I would leave it at 45/65 with the 38 precharge. If your pump has a check valve on it, and pretty sure it does, you don't need another check valve on top. Just my opinion, but see what the others say because they know more than me about it. What size tank is yours? Hard to tell for me anyway...
  13. Wondering

    Pump And Pressure Tank Help

    Shouldn't the precharge be 58 instead of 78 as stated above for a 60/80 switch?
  14. Wondering

    Help with connecting my dryer up to a water line

    Ray T: You can look your dryer up online and find the installation instructions and the owners manual also.
  15. Wondering

    Stinky front loader Bosch washing machine - what to do?

    I have read use Cascade Complete dishwasher detergent powder--1/2 to 1 cup no clothes heavy soil and hot wash to clean out the tub. The enzymes in the dish detergent helps clean out the washer, but it may take more than one treatment depending on how bad it is. I have also read, for a "super...
  16. Wondering

    Increased pressure with dirty water

    Wonder if he adjusted his air pressure after setting up water pressure?
  17. Wondering

    Pressure Loss - Submersible Well Pump

    I had the same problem a few years ago. The pipe was split right about the pump. Pump guy cut that off, connected it all back up and is running fine still. I would check that out otherwise you will burn your pump up eventually. No need in that when it can easily be fixed. My pump is 15 years old...
  18. Wondering

    Wiring submersible pump

    Did you check the air pressure in your tank to make sure it was right? Also, what size is your tank?
  19. Wondering

    Pressure good gauge but drops

    I would think the tank is bad.
  20. Wondering

    Low water pressure on well system.

    How much air is in your tank? You know you have to drain it to check it. Why not just set the pressure up some. Maybe 45-65?? How big is your tank? I'm not familiar with a 140?. Oh and I wouldn't worry about the 5lb. loss of pressure. You could set your switch for 40-65, then after tank settles...
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