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  1. Petermet

    Order of filters for deep well

    I am building a house in Bali - thankfully almost finished. I need to be clear with the plumber's how the filters are to be plumbed as they have no experience !!! I have a 170 foot well. I am am looking at placing the submersible Grunfos pump at 155 feet. I then plan the following order...
  2. Petermet

    Submersible pump direct supply vs storage tank

    I have a 4" cased well - about 120 feet deep. I want to use a submersible pump and here in Indonesia they seem to pump to a 1000 litre holding tank and then use a booster / circulation pump to supply the house. I can get a Grundfos SQ pump but not a SQE here. Should I direct supply to the...
  3. Petermet

    Filter order for drinking well water

    I am building a house in Indonesia and have a 45 meter deep well. I currently use a charcoal filter (1054 tank) and a resin softener (also 1054 tank). I don't drink this water. For drinking I use a small RO unit into plastic 5 gallon containers. In the new house I would like to be able to...
  4. Petermet

    RO - 8 stage filter advice

    I live in Bali Indonesia. I have water supplied from a deep well. A test 2 years ago showed no nasties however given everyone is on a septic tank ( not sealed ) I work on the principle that nasties are always a possibility. I have installed a charcoal backwashing filter (1054 tank) and a water...
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