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  1. Breplum

    Vent section sloped down the wrong way above bathroom

    Gluing plugs in the joist will do absolutely nothing structurally.
  2. Breplum

    Toto Nexus... water supply lines in the way?

    IMHO, the Nexus are undesirable because they utilize cheap plastic blocks for securing to the floor, AND crappy brass slotted screws to attach the china to the blocks. You would have to invest heavily on replumbing the water supply to boot.
  3. Breplum

    What is causing this oxidation

    pretty weird, for sure. no clue, more like contamination. not just oxidation that blue bell is like a in-line thermal expansion device used on Tankless WH, pictured is ZEP1 from Zilmet
  4. Breplum

    Pex A fitting flow reduction

    Uponor did have a Plumbing Design Assistance Manual (have one).
  5. Breplum

    Why is kitchen sink on an outside wall?

    It is for the view. Seriously.
  6. Breplum

    70 year old faucet handle replacement

    If you don't have a good little old plumbing shop in your area that has specialty adapters (or a really good hardware store), then its going to be difficult. There are aftermarket universal adapters that use screws from the sides and are a complete waste of time and don't last. There are...
  7. Breplum

    5/8 Water Meter to 3/4 inch Yoke. What fitting to 1 Inch Pex to House

    Whatever 1" PEX adapter x ______ if you have FIP adapter, then a brass 1" x 3/4" bushing screwed on to the 3/4" brass meter adapter. All meter union adapters usually end in 3/4" male, whether straight or riser yoke. As to breaking the other utility side connection, that's what we get paid the...
  8. Breplum

    Looking for peace of mind regarding my tankless water heater

    Descaling tankless water heater should be done routinely as it removes mineral build-up in the water pathway.. Most mfrs say yearly, but your local water chemistry can be a factor. We find in our area that every two or three years is adequate.
  9. Breplum

    DWV Modular System Replacement Idea Stemming From Overflowing Laundry Drain Standpipe

    We put down 6mil visqueen plastic sheet in crawlspace AND I recommend large sheets of appliance pkg corrugated boxboard to make the work easier on the body. 2” ABS should be fine for any drain system. I’ve been plumbing 50 years in earthquake country and never seen damage…but we love the husky...
  10. Breplum

    Which Series and Valve Cartridge

    we call it Delex. typically cylindrical springs not the taper springs Same seats. many hardware kits include both type of springs
  11. Breplum

    Ariel tub floor jets drain water when they are off?

    i will guarantee that the jet tubes don't connect to sewer. If you can't see where, how would a plumber ? There is nothing for a plumber to work on except changing out a pump. Everything else are made and part of the tub maker's side and not typically available except online. Sure we can fix...
  12. Breplum

    Comparing costs of LP, Natural Gas, and Electric

    pretty much looks right to me other factors: price inflation for any number of reasons higher efficiency appliances if 96%
  13. Breplum

    Ariel tub floor jets drain water when they are off?

    to my general vast knowledge I've never seen jetted tub with the jet tubing connected to a drain. So if your tub is draining, I think it is ONLY via the drain itself. Jets and their pumped lines are NEVER connected to the plumbing drains.
  14. Breplum

    NPE-240A2 won’t exceed 1.4 gpm output

    First year Navien warranty includes labor and any parts for the following 5 years. Confirm flow capacity out of your filter and if still an issue within the unit call an NSS for no labor charge service. I've not ever run into Navien contributing to a flow issue. There is not really any part...
  15. Breplum

    Need Help IDing Shower Faucet

    just take it apart, pull the cartridge and present that image.
  16. Breplum

    Are recirculating loops/pumps dangerous for my house?

    It is a good 1/25th HP low velocity pump.
  17. Breplum

    90's widespread lavatory faucet identification help please.

    Grohe Exquisit. the handles pull off with great effort. Watch out! Cartridges are common Grohe. with those handles sometimes both sides close in same direction so same cartridge. Right 45882 left, if appropriate 45883
  18. Breplum

    Smart valve shut-off recommendations

    Best to run new copper with modern shut off and go with major brand like Moen. I was given the sales promo pitch just last Friday by a Moen rep. Lots of limitations but a good company backing it up.
  19. Breplum

    Are recirculating loops/pumps dangerous for my house?

    Well, we certainly don't like to see short turn copper 90s and such. The primary issue is high velocity pumps installed by idiots who don't know what they are doing. Make sure you have low velocity and you should be good.
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