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  1. TKB4

    Lennox Furnace Condensate Trap Leak - Need help

    one could also try roofing mastic or a mixture of PVC sawdust with the transition glue or even gluing a pic or abs pipe section over the leak from the outside like a collar 9Cut pipe into halves u may use heat gun to bend it some We used to use sawdust from the wood being used in projects and...
  2. TKB4

    Help Needed Preventing Auxillary Heat

    I have a frigidaire/nordyne 3 ton inverter heat pump with natural gas condensing furnace backup. I recently Installed DIY Solar 12,600 watts with using it and batteries 80kwhr to run the whole house at least 80 % of the time most of the use is HVAC . This unit is upstairs and I have a...
  3. TKB4

    Adding C wire for Smart Thermostat

    I did the same thing
  4. TKB4

    2 wire pump wiring

    If a 2 wire pump is wired wrong with one of the 110 legs wired to the ground and the ground wired to one of the 110 legs would this normally damage the pump or capacitor or just trip the circuit breaker. Wouldn't this definitely flip the circuit breaker whether other damage was caused or not ?
  5. TKB4

    What is the name of this fitting? Kee spool

    I do have one more question. There is a light spring "check vale" that is just a rubber flap in the "kee spool valve" on the one I pulled it was not functioning. I just removed it since there is a check valve at bottom of pump. I have read various points on check valves at surface such as...
  6. TKB4

    What is the name of this fitting? Kee spool

    Thanks valve man I did however find a view of the female part of the valve that does show the exit pipe is part of the casing and already pulled it before saw your message. BTW I am installing a Cycle stop valve as part of my system makeover ordered it couple of months ago Thanks
  7. TKB4

    What is the name of this fitting? Kee spool

    I also have this type valve installed by the inventor Kee and Sons Well and supply in Medina TN I have tried to call and left message but no answer . I cannot tell how to disconnect supply line to house from the spool pitless unless it will pull out without disconnecting which I think it...
  8. TKB4

    Need Grundfos submersible pump help

    Is the pump in a flow center or did the installer put some 4 inch pipe in the closed loop ? I believe people may be missing that the wiring is in glycol not water. I know grundfus make the closed loop circulation motors used in most climate master geothermal systems even the newer variable...
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