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  1. Kail

    Silicone Vs Plumbers Putty

    I have been plumbing the house I'm trying to build and I'm almost done with rough-in and starting to second guess myself before the walls get covered up. For my shower and tub drain I used a high grade silicone to set the drain assembly instead of plumbers putty. Is this OK? It seems like people...
  2. Kail

    Is electrolysis a issue with copper pipe and steel fasteners?

    I am running all pex in our home that I am plumbing but I have purchased all copper stub ells for coming out of the walls. The ells that I purchased have a 4 hole flange for nailing or screwing the ells to studs. I have always been told that steel and copper should not come in contact with each...
  3. Kail

    Do they make a potable hot cold hose bib?

    I called arrowhead and they said they changed production about a year ago and their new model does not contain lead. The new model's part number will en with "LF" and the old lead conataining part number will end with "BCLD." Unfortunately it appears that most websites don't list the whole part...
  4. Kail

    Do they make a potable hot cold hose bib?

    Thanks. Why do you think it was discontinued? Did they have problems with it?
  5. Kail

    Do they make a potable hot cold hose bib?

    I am looking to buy a couple of non-freezing hot cold mixing valve hose spigots. All the ones I have found on line so far say they are not for potable water systems and they contain lead. Does anyone out there know of any that will work for a potable system. We will probably use this to water...
  6. Kail

    Are Zurn Qickclamps a reliable pex connection?

    I have done a little research since posting this and found that Zurn has one of the worst reputations and lawsuits. Sorry for not finding this info before the post.
  7. Kail

    Are Zurn Qickclamps a reliable pex connection?

    I have a old Zurn Qickclamp tool that I have always used for pex connections. I am starting on the plumbing of a house I'm trying to build and want to know if this is a reliable and long lasting connection method. I don't see these for sale anymore and am curious if they had problems. Do you...
  8. Kail

    Has anyone been using Mr. Pex? With which fittings?

    I have been getting ready to buy enough pex to plumb the house I'm trying to build. I have a old cinch tool, but I think it and the clamps that went with it may no longer be made. I found Mr Pex at: This stuff...
  9. Kail

    Best Pex Manufacture for Cinch Connections?

    I am in the process of building a house and I'm getting ready to plumb the waterlines, I'm not a pro but I'm handy. I have a old cinch tool that I bought a decade or more ago. I was in blissful ignorance and did not realize different pex manufactures require there own fittings. Seems like...
  10. Kail

    PEX Fittings

    You said to get the right fitting. What brand cinch fitting do you use on Uphonor tubing? I have a old cinch tool I bought for a project a decade ago, will it work with any cinch fitting?
  11. Kail

    Which 1/2" PEX home runs to share with manifold?

    Thanks for the confirmation!!! What fixtures are considered low flow?
  12. Kail

    Which 1/2" PEX home runs to share with manifold?

    I am trying to build a house and am planning on using a Manabloc PEX manifold. I'm planning on having dedicated lines to most fixtures but was curious if some can be shared with out have flow issues. I assume the ice maker in the fridge would just come off of the kitchen sink run, is this right...
  13. Kail

    Will 11 1/2" from sheetrock work for toilet rough in?

    I am trying to build a house and am doing the plumbing myself. I roughed in my toilet flange into my first floor slab at 13" off of what should have been the outside edge of the studs. I just noticed today that the framers have framed in the wall behind the toilet further out then I expected and...
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