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  1. Waterboy99

    Tankless advice from the crowd: Navien, Rinnai, Noritz

    Hey John, I am looking to install a new Hot Water heater as well and I understand your point of view. Am I asking for problem by installing a Tankless (Gas) or a Hybrid Heat Pump (Electric) and maybe should just stay with a good traditional Electric type (not sure which brand) to avoid any...
  2. Waterboy99

    Hansgrohe Focus N

    So is the 2.2 ft. lbs. referring to the nut or screws? Do I have to buy a torque screw drive or a torque open ended wrench? I'd rather not have to do this for one job. Your help is appreciated
  3. Waterboy99

    Hansgrohe Focus N

    2 handle Thank you!
  4. Waterboy99

    Hansgrohe Focus N

    First let me apologize for most this is a silly question but for me I don't understand. I am putting in a Hansgrohe Focus N bathroom sink faucet and the instructions don't explain something. They say to tighten the handles to 2.2 ft. lbs (NM), what they don't say is what is tighten; the "nut"...
  5. Waterboy99

    Nelsen Softener Head power Options "P" "B" "S"

    Hey folks, I have what I think is a Metered Nelson head on my Softener inside there are 3 options as to where the power source plugs in to, label "P" "B" "S". Can anyone help me identify where I should plug the power, and if by chance tell why they have three choice. I ask this because I was...
  6. Waterboy99

    Washer Drain, Two Softener Drains and 1 Air Gap

    Hello All - I'm in the process of setting up my system, It's nice but a bit complicated. Here's my problem: The softener with two drain lines, one from the softener itself for regeneration and one from the salt tank. After I install (and glue) an Air Gap like shown above I place my washer...
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