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  1. iowa70

    How to fix "flex" in the bottom of a bathtub

    There's about 3-4" of styrofoam underneath the tub and this styrofoam is already shimmed. I've gone around and pushed the shims in farther but the flexing is still pretty bad.
  2. iowa70

    How to fix "flex" in the bottom of a bathtub

    Thanks for your response. So putting the mortar around the tub after it's installed wouldn't be than having the flexing caused by the styrofoam? I guess is it better to try to fix the flexing problem now by using mortar or wait until it cracks and just replace the entire tub?
  3. iowa70

    How to fix "flex" in the bottom of a bathtub

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I've looked through and tried to find someone else with a similar problem but with no luck. I have an acrylic/fiberglass bathtub which the bottom of the tub flexes when I get in it. I'm worried that this flexing will cause a crack in the tub. I have styrofoam...
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