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  1. RVBraq

    Furnace Cycling

    Hey guys, Got an issue with a ~10 year of furnace - Its a Goodman GHS8 . Its been starting its cycle normally but frequently, throughout its heat cycle, will kill the gas and the induction motor will stop. The fan continues to run after it shuts down and about 15 seconds later, the induction...
  2. RVBraq

    Leaky shower...not in the expected spot?

    Thanks for all the input guys. Suspected I would be headed for a a new shower anyway. However I'm not quite in the position to get that going at the moment (I rather wait till we do the whole bathroom to put major work in on the shower). With that in mind, if I regrouted using an epoxy grout...
  3. RVBraq

    Leaky shower...not in the expected spot?

    Hey guys! Reaching out for a little advice. I have an upstairs bathroom that has been on-off leaking for about 3 years (i assume). I noticed the wall underneath the bathroom was wet one time, scoped around the bathroom, caulked a few things and then I never really saw it again. Until last...
  4. RVBraq

    New Softener Install

    @Reach4 - its 1.25 cu/ft of 8% resin Also, is anyone able to clarify the difference between continuous flow rate vs peak flow rate ?
  5. RVBraq

    New Softener Install

    Hey guys, Love this forum, have received a lot of good advice on some plumbing issues in a home I recently bought. Been heavily researching a water softener install and after discussing with some local plumbers, I can't seem to get a straight answer on sizing/whats necessary - Hard to tell if...
  6. RVBraq

    Expansion tank install

    Hey fellas, I'm planning out an install of an expansion tank near my water heater as I've been having a lot of relief valve water discharge. I've got 1/2 inch copper tubing lines but the tank I'm looking at (Amtrol ST-5) has a 3/4 inch connection - Seems most tanks I'm finding are 3/4 inch...
  7. RVBraq

    Overpressurizing and Calcification?

    Thanks for the response Reach. I'll look into the expansion tank. Is there any possibility a bad anode rod would contribute to the sheer amount of sediment build up or is that mostly a result of the hard water?
  8. RVBraq

    Overpressurizing and Calcification?

    Hi guys, I've been in my house for about a year now. Ever since we've been in the house, our water heater has made popping and cracking noise when it heats up. The water heater was installed about 2.5 years ago. After some investigating we noticed some significant calcium deposits on the...
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