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  1. King3244

    Burping toilet

    I am going to get up on the roof and check the vents tomorrow....thanks.
  2. King3244

    Burping toilet

    This is not a situation where the trap is trying to be sucked dry. When that upstairs toilet flushes there is a force of air (I guess) that causes a bubble or small belch upward in the lower toilet. It is not sucking it down rather it is forcing the water up. It is like if you had a balloon...
  3. King3244

    Burping toilet

    Hi, I have searched for an answer to this but with no success for my particular problem which is as follows. I have a rancher with a walkout basement, two bathrooms upstairs one in the master bath and a powder room and two (back to back) in the a master bath and one in a...
  4. King3244

    sewer spill on ground

    I had a sewer leak in my crawl space and I read on this thread somewhere but can't find it in the search function that I could spread lye on it to soak up and dry out the area......yes or no?
  5. King3244

    Venting problem intended. I was sure that after reading the forum for awhile that someone would be able to figure this out.
  6. King3244

    Venting problem

    I have a 20 year old house which we have lived in for 5 years. For the first 4 or so years we had no plumbing venting problems......THEN.....I replaced all the toilets with Elger Titan toilets(6 litre flush).....great toilets by the way.....only have to flush those babies once. Now I have two...
  7. King3244

    Long one - Need the "hammer" and tank(less) experts please

    I had the same problem and it turned out to be a faulty prv. I still don't believe it but it stopped the water hammer. I also have a tank less water heater and never had a water hammer until I switched over to tank less.
  8. King3244

    Leaking Bathroom p trap

    Do you mean the swivel? If so wrap the threads and the bell mouth with a couple or wraps of teflon tape and then tighten.
  9. King3244

    Water hammer update

    Thanks to all who was indeed a faulty pressure regulator valve! I slapped a guage on there and it showed 50 lbs flowing but it would creep up to 100 lbs static indicating a leak between sides of the valve. New valve hammer! :D...
  10. King3244

    Converting propane grill to natural gas

    If you do not drill out your orifice then you will not get as much heat..........this may not be a problem if you have a 60,000 btu grill already. I believe the btu's propane versus natural gas is 10 % less but I could be wrong. If you have a 40,000 btu grill than you are going to be suffering...
  11. King3244

    Water hammer

    Oh and one other thing thanks to jadnashua.........we do have 2 by the street connection and another one in the house. King
  12. King3244

    Water hammer

    Thanks guys, I will check the pressure again..........I had it checked about 1 1/2 years ago but I never thought about a prv going bad. There is no noticeable difference to the volume or the pressure coming out of the taps. The reason the pressure is so high is that we live in a mountainous...
  13. King3244

    Water hammer

    I have a water hammer problem but only when the taps are opened not on closing.........same thing or different? For instance when the toilets flush we will get a bang but not after they have finished filling, likewise the hammer comes when the washing machine is filling but not when it stops...
  14. King3244

    Orphaned gas water heater... what to do?

    The smaller tankless water heaters are in the range of 175,000 to 200,000 btu and the larger ones go up from there so you might need a larger gas line, your installer should be able to figure that out and if he can't look for another installer. A Bosch 125 tankless uses a 5 inch b vent and...
  15. King3244

    Qest PEX plumbing

    I have had PB in my house (Canada) for 18 years and no problems....I think most of the problems were with the plastic fittings and not the pipe. I was told when I put mine in to use nothing other than copper fittings. I don't think that your other problems are related to the...
  16. King3244

    Leaking swivel joint on chrome trap

    Okay I took this bad boy apart today and it does indeed have a bell on it. I put some teflon tape on the bell and on the threads and that has done the trick. :D
  17. King3244

    Leaking swivel joint on chrome trap

    Thanks HJ...........the only gasket that came with this (in a sealed plastic bag) was for the slip joint gasket. I have dealt with plastic (abs) traps before and they all have no gaskets at the swivel but this is my first time with a chrome gentel it is my first time :p. I will...
  18. King3244

    Leaking swivel joint on chrome trap gasket supplied! Just to make certain, this is the swivel joint not the slip joint.
  19. King3244

    Leaking swivel joint on chrome trap

    I have just installed a new lav. with an exposed chome trap. The swivel joint is leaking very slowly and I have tightened it as much as I dare. Can I use some plumbers putty on this joint or any other suggestions? King
  20. King3244

    Outdoor Spa Questions

    Go to they pretty much cover everything on that site.
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