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  1. 3m

    Insulating pole barn

    Not planning on a swimming pool at this time maybe later, Going to cover inside with 7/16 osb board unpainted, I will end up with 5" of blown in insulation. Thanks for the reply
  2. 3m

    Insulating pole barn

    Built new shop 36 x 45 x14 tall, looking for ideas on the insulation, was thinking of 1 1/2 inch styrofoam against exterior metal siding with blown in insulation filling remainder of the cavity. Is it better to leave gap at metal siding for ventilation and to rid wall of any water vapor
  3. 3m

    Water coming out tub spout when supplied - whether on or off

    If you installed a pressure balancing valve and havent turned the hot water supply on the valve will shut off the flow of water completly. But they will sometimes allow a small amount of water thru. Or you may have a bad cartridge
  4. 3m

    I Don't Understand Why The Brits Think the "Crown Jewels" are such a BIG DEAL

    Redwood Maybe they all think they are big D&^KS
  5. 3m

    garage floor drain

    Who said you need to install it. the building inspector ?
  6. 3m

    Power Outage Question

    What size generator do you have, and what are you planning on running with it
  7. 3m

    Help! New breaker turns off power to other breakers

    Suck it up and call an electrician before the house burns down
  8. 3m

    How do you remove the cover on a PVC toilet flange?

    The tab is to hold onto it while you smack it with a hammer to keep it from dropping into the drain. I usually take a flat screwdriver and start it breaking then lightly tap it with a hammer all the way around
  9. 3m

    How's my plumber doing?

    I would be looking for empty beer cans stuffed in the wall or heat register, because this guy was either drunk, stoned or blind. After seeing these pictures Im going to raise my prices for the high quality of work that i do
  10. 3m

    Professional opinions on this plumbing job, please.

    Whats the measurement from the studs to the center of the drain, its hard to judge but it doesnt like like its right going by the picture
  11. 3m

    New wood vanity got damaged. Called plumber

    I would ask the plumber to make the repairs needed to replace anything that was damaged, This is why they require licensed contractors to carry liability insurance, to protect the homeowner.
  12. 3m

    tuck pointing question

    yes and yes
  13. 3m

    4 inch vent pipe in a 2x6 stud wall?

    I failed an inspection for the very same reason, when I questioned the inspector on this He stated I know you guys have been doing it this way for ever but now they require a 16 inch long plate with 8 16 penny nails on each side. This is to keep the top plates from pulling apart, if the house...
  14. 3m

    Can bad heat pump capacitors cause power consumption to double?

    What kind of furnance do you have gas or electric
  15. 3m

    Water Heater Inspection - Drain Valve Angle Question

    where is the line going to
  16. 3m

    What torch do I need?

    You also run a chance of cracking the cast iron with a torch
  17. 3m

    Can I install outlets/switches before drywall?

    Ask the drywaller how they hang there sheets, most guys get paid by the board and the fastest way to hang drywall is to get a measurement to the center of the box and hang the drywall and then use a roto zip tool to cut around the box.If the switches and outlets are in place you may piss them...
  18. 3m

    Breaker box overload?

    Has there been any work done lately
  19. 3m

    Help, pouring foundation and need to prep vent

    If you know the height that is needed for the vent install a pipe 2 times bigger then the vent pipe then you can get your slope and seal it after its installed.
  20. 3m

    A letter from American Standard

    The last time I checked this is a Country that still allows free speech, If am standard has a problem with people trashing there product they should fix the flaws and not try and silence the people who are complaing about them on web sites to try and warn other consumers about the problems...
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