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  1. CaptWally

    Bending type M rigid copper

    What are you installing, a shower or a Human Car Wash? I'm joking of course, but bending ridgid copper scares me. I'd either use flexible copper from the POC to all the outlets in your shower, or high pressure flexible poly pipe with compression fittings. Contrary to anything you may hear...
  2. CaptWally

    Information needed

    I doubt it, but don't believe me! I have installed toilets that have had flanges with elongated bolt holes so that they could be moved back and forth to accomodate different mountings.
  3. CaptWally

    Dryer vent pipe does not go all the way to the roof in attic

    Actually, Jimbo, I think getting slightly off the track is one of the primary benefits of a forum such as this, which is why they call it a "thread." It tends to weave around a bit and generates productive conversation in relation to the solution to a topic. After contemplating and reading...
  4. CaptWally

    Repair pierced vent pipe?

    Gary's right, and rain is not necessarily a concern, because the vent on the roof is such a small opening. I would fill the hole with some strong epoxy compound such as marine-tex or JB Weld, then cover it with tape or a rubber fernco fitting, just on the outside chance that someone someday has...
  5. CaptWally

    Copper Bond Epoxy - Opinions?

    Interesting thread..... I'm particularly interested in the question raised by mark and rugged that basically asks why a stop is allowed a compression on one end, but not the other? These are proven joints. On an aside, I've lived in Florida most of my 39 years, but I did live in Michigan...
  6. CaptWally

    powering sprinklers from hose

    Absolutely! I don't have any of my pressure loss charts handy right now, but you will find that the psi loss per foot on standard garden hose is pretty scary compared to PVC pipe. Your best bet is to run PVC directly to the zone. It's inexpensive and worth it.
  7. CaptWally

    Severe water hammer/slow close valves

    Good deal, sib. The realm of irrigation pieces, parts and accessories can be a confusing one, and it's all about the almighty dollar. you are correct in that an "Orbit" valve is basically an economy brand manufactured exclusively with price in mind, not quality. Hunter, Toro, RainBird...
  8. CaptWally

    Dryer vent pipe does not go all the way to the roof in attic

    Now why is that, Jimbo? I've never heard that, and though I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm just curious. Surely there's a logical reason. I would think it would be more efficient, as hot air rises. True or a moot point? Thanks
  9. CaptWally

    Severe water hammer/slow close valves

    The cure may be more simple than you realize. However, it does involve disassembly of the valve that is hammering. Irrigation valves are of a diaphraghm type that use the water pressure to close it, and an electric solenoid to open it. The water pressure must bleed to one side of the...
  10. CaptWally

    Dryer vent pipe does not go all the way to the roof in attic

    I guess I'm not quite sure what your question is. If the vent from your dryer to the roof has a 4 inch gap, you need to close that gap. I had a similar experience back in 95 after my house was built. The vent tube was not well attached to the vent on the roof, which had a flap and a screen...
  11. CaptWally

    5600 Piston Assembly

    Thanks, Gary! I have so many pieces, parts, gizmos, fittings and repair parts from when I was in the business.... One of these days you are going to find them on ****. I have spacers and rings, brine valves and many other 5600 fittings, as well as autotrol bits and pieces, repair parts, etc...
  12. CaptWally

    Pressure Reducing Valve Making Noise

    Adjust the valve if you want, while monitoring the performance of the water emitters downstream. You do not want to comprimise the performance there. The sound you are hearing is the PRV doing its job: Reducing pressure. On my back porch I have a PRV threaded to many tubes to water many...
  13. CaptWally

    5600 Piston Assembly

    Time for me to ask rather than answer for a change.... A buddy of mine has a 5600 single tank econominder, no flowmeter, just a timer. the teflon coated piston assembly keeps leaking. As I've been out of the business for several years, it's hard to find a reliable wholesale source. I...
  14. CaptWally

    sweating near fiberglass tub/shower unit

    If you think you want to invest in it, a professional heat shield is a great thing. For only about $8, you get about a square foot of fiberglass wool backed by a thick foil. Unless you are using nuclear energy to sweat your pipes, it is quite good, and occasionally I supplement it with drywall...
  15. CaptWally

    Window in shower: remove frame or not (advice needed ASAP)

    My Two Cents in the "For What It's Worth" Department: I would, if it were MY bathroom and shower, definitely keep the window. Natural light is wonderful no matter where it is in the house. You can keep the wood frame as long as it is sealed FOR NOW. I would personally use a composite...
  16. CaptWally

    Frying Transformers...

    At the risk of stepping over the line as far as brands/manufacturers, and potential advertisers to this website, for which we could get in trouble discussing, could you tell me what brand of sprinkler/irrigation timer you are using? That could tell a lot....
  17. CaptWally

    tightening threaded valves, etc

    Just remember, and I don't think any of us mentioned this: Once tightened, do not back off or loosen the fitting in question. That only invites leaks.
  18. CaptWally

    Air gap in water softener overflow

    Air Gap! Okay. Having installed many a water softener in many a community with many a different code ordinance pertaining to such water softener ordinance.... Here I go. An Air Gap is a very inexpensive piece of plastic that allows your water softener to drain, but not let it siphon back...
  19. CaptWally

    Copper sweating

    Please clarify what you mean by "Rough Valve." for your threaded fitting. Many times, it is perfectly safe, effective, and reasonable to use CPVC to complete your plumbing system behind the shower walls. Yes, you can sweat (solder) these joints effectively, but upon evaluation of your...
  20. CaptWally

    another soldering question

    It is possible to reheat and resolder dry fittings, and is definitely a WHOLE lot easier to do when the pipes are still dry. Tight spaces are a pain, but unfortunately a fact of life. You need to get a feel for it, and the best way is to extend a foot of solder from the roll with a "J" hook...
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