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    Long waterline expansion?

    Sorry to have asked so many questions. Expanding an existing 2” waterline on our farm and will be installing about 1000’ of 2” pvc and was curious if there are any concerns about expansion/contraction? The line will have a gentle change in direction about halfway but mostly straight and will...
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    Brass to PVC best practice?

    Thanks, for the 2 inch x 3/4 bell reducer brass, how would you transition from the 2” brass to PVC? Sorry for my ignorance.
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    Brass to PVC best practice?

    Hey folks, need to connect a 3/4” water meter to 2” PVC. Was not sure what the best fitting to connect to the brass male NPT fitting on the meter? Water pressure is around 110-120 psi and not a fan of using a female PVC fitting to connect to the meter. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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    Leak detection?

    Hey folks, We have a farm with a long waterline (about 4,000’ of 2” pvc) supplied by a 1” meter with high municipal pressure (120 psi at the meter). The paranoid side of me worries about an eventual leak and how much water could be used in a short amount of time and was wondering if there are...
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    Water meter and water line sizing

    Hey folks, I have been trying to solve bit of a puzzle and wanted to see if anyone had any opinions or knowledge they would be willing to share. I have reached out to a couple of local plumbers and contacted the manufacture of the water meter I am looking at and have not gotten any solid...
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