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  1. Annieclover

    Help! loose toilet seat!

    I am using an American Standard seat I can't say enough good about this product. But Last year when it lose , my husband used broad tip screwdriver, and turned the bolts clockwise to tighten. Then he used pliers to grip the nut on the underside of the toilet while turning the top of the bolt...
  2. Annieclover

    Tankless water Automatic

    You'll want to shoot for 100-115 degrees Fahrenheit for your water to be heated. If your groundwater temperature is 60 degrees and you want your shower at 110 degrees, that's going to be a 50-degree rise.
  3. Annieclover

    Delta R22000 Pipe size for two heads

    As long as the supply lines for the shower tie into a 3/4" line, 1/2" will be fine. I use a Delta shower faucet that already has PEX adapters made into the valve body, no threading or sweating, just crimp and this is done. The greater the distance from the manifold to the fixture, the wider the...
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