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  1. TedL

    Resin in Screens

    Any of the online conversion tools will tell you that 1 cu ft = 7.5 gal. So, your stated loss is trivial.
  2. TedL


    Most water softeners have a brine tank that you can dump 50 -100 kilos of salt into. The valve meters the amount used for each regeneration by metering the water that it dissolves into.
  3. TedL

    Fleck 5600 water softener makes noise

    If this hasn't passed the point of anyone caring about the facts, here's what I found in the Clack manual: The control valve uses no traditional fasteners (e.g. screws); instead clips, threaded caps and nuts and snap type latches are used. Caps and nuts only need to be firmly hand tightened...
  4. TedL

    Fleck 5600 water softener makes noise

    This kind of crap belongs in a PM, not here. I like a good discussion/argument based on what to do/what works. But this is in the same class as name calling.
  5. TedL

    New resin for model 60

    Tip: For those of you wishing to use silicone lube/sealer for any purpose, Lowes sells a reasonably sized, reasonably priced ($4+/-) container. Say, for the o-rings on a kitchen faucet spout.
  6. TedL

    Gas line obstructing dryer vent. Please help!

    As has been pointed out, a leak in a gas line can be a real bummer. And I certainly would not recommend that anyone's introduction to working with steel pipe be with black gas pipe. On the other hand, no one cares more about my home and the people in it than I do. When the gas utility had...
  7. TedL

    Gas line obstructing dryer vent. Please help!

    If you're looking to get the dryer hooked up, there are aluminum telescoping rectangular/oval connectors that would work for you to make the connection. At HD and other places. You should also be able to get a cap to put on the valve while there.
  8. TedL

    Clear plastic tube from wash tub - what is it for?

    Sounds like a floor trap primer. Since the floor drain trap only gets water in "emergency" conditions, it would dry up under normal conditions, losing its seal. Thus, the primer to prevent that problem. Sound like yours is working.
  9. TedL

    New resin for model 60

    It would be 21 quarts or 5.25 gallons.
  10. TedL

    Replacing exterior supply line to the meter

    It would serve you well to locate a copy of the applicable plumbing code. Online, in library, available to read at building dept., available to purchase at building dept. are all possibilities. A quick check of the Ontario code shows a minimum size of 3/4 inch. Link below, page 42. In the US...
  11. TedL

    Replacing exterior supply line to the meter

    Sounds like a failure to communicate, involving "maximum" instead of "minimum". Or someone who thinks DIYers are just a PITA, and tries to make life difficult by "hazing" them. From the stories related here, it seems like the majority of inspectors act like petty dictators, who enforce their...
  12. TedL

    Tank will not refill

    Absolutely true. But if someone's reading this at 10 pm and the only toilet isn't working, and they don't keep a stock of toilet supply lines on hand, they might appreciate a tip on how to get it functioning 'til they can do a real fix.
  13. TedL

    Tank will not refill

    Short term fix, if it's a bad floodsafe, is to unscrew supply line from valve to relieve pressure, then reconnect.
  14. TedL

    two drain problems what to do?

    Call the landlord and report the problems.
  15. TedL

    2 days 42 views 0 replies - Thanks alot

    Such a wonderful human being, and everyone refused to share their extensive knowledge of whatever the heck he installed.:(:(
  16. TedL

    reversed water heater attachments/dip tube

    Better than giving a wrong answer. The first result in google explains it pretty well.
  17. TedL

    Tips on tub/shower rough in

    Be certain you can get a one piece into the space (through doorways) if you're putting it in an existing space.
  18. TedL

    Broken shower arm

    If there's enough pipe sticking out of the fitting, you can try twisting with pliers. Grip the pipe and rotate the pliers (vise grips), not to unscrew the stub but to wrap it around the pliers and separate it from the fitting
  19. TedL

    Washer in basement-drain

    You might be able to trim the pipe, but that depends: At what height off the floor does the main drain exit the building? At what height off the floor is the trap on the washer stand pipe? Picture would help. You can use some permatex on the connectors, or buy a longer drain hose.
  20. TedL

    Toto Seat Designs

    I don't think the phrase "cute round" has applied to my butt since I was about 6 months old, but I find the SS114 to be as comfortable as padded seats used to be. This is the new SS114 seat by TOTO. It's not dished as much. October 2011
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