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  1. Kristi

    How did "street" become fitting name?

    Man! Forget HJ, you guys are ALL OLD!!! lol... we better tap as much info as possible from you before you decide to golf for the rest of your lives :) ps... sure did miss the ol' forum, how the hell is it possible that MPMark is not filling this thread with wise old saje advice?
  2. Kristi

    Terry's new picture

    AYE CARUMBA!!! I haven't been on here for about a year, and first thing I was greeted with was the new Terry pic... you don't even look like the same person! What have you done with him, you imposter! lol...
  3. Kristi

    need some advice on pipe size (soon)

    Excellent info, thanks for clarifying and bringing it into the mix... :) ~k~
  4. Kristi

    Sanitary TEE with Side Inlet Against Code?

    Depends on where you live and what your codes are about. If i'm following you correctly, you're talking about a 4" tee which has a 2" outlet at a 90 degree right angle from the 4" tee outlet. Here in Vancouver we call that an apartment tee, and people use them here... but i personally have not...
  5. Kristi

    need some advice on pipe size (soon)

    HJ, I'm referring to balancing the system, as BlackHawk mentioned a bathroom far down the line that sounded like it would have high demand - and I've already agreed that he should go ahead with his original plan that it will be fine... I'm not sure if my suggestion warrants an entire dismissal...
  6. Kristi

    need some advice on pipe size (soon)

    If that's how you want to approach it, then that's totally fine... I personally would do the loop header instead of running a main line with branches to each fixture, especially with a big tub in the mix! It's more work and more pipe, but worth it in the end. It seems like your method would...
  7. Kristi

    Test Ball Woes...

    I'm not sure how it works everywhere, and really it's up to the individual inspector - but i would get what pressure i could on there, water and then boost it with air, and if you could hear that water was sputtering past the ball, i would point it out to the inspector and say "damn that ball...
  8. Kristi

    Garbage Disposal and Dishwasher problem

    :) you need to bang out the plug inside the drain port of the garburator, which is what Jeff said. Imagine if you wanted a garburator, but not a dishwasher - this is how you could accomodate everyone! I would remove the garburator, lay it on its back with the drain port facing up, take my big...
  9. Kristi

    need some advice on pipe size (soon)

    take 3/4" as far as you can, run the branches to individual fixtures in 1/2". If you want to do an outstanding job, you could take this opportunity to run a 3/4 line to the mechanical room, create a header loop with the 3/4 then branch each fixture off from there with an isolating valve and...
  10. Kristi

    Hi Guys, need your help with 500G of missing water

    This ain't Honduras, Duane, this is the good ol' US of A we're talking about... our continents version of poverty is nothing like any third world country out there, and I'm going to to boldly state here that how we manage our waste is THE very reason why we are civilized and not diseased and...
  11. Kristi

    Hi Guys, need your help with 500G of missing water

    The lack of evidence is determined by checking the temperature of incoming and outgoing water lines from the h(wh)... lol... after many hours of no use, ie: during the night when everyone is asleep. The lines are both as you would expect them to be after a night of no use - neither hot nor...
  12. Kristi

    Pipe Dope vs. Teflon Tape

    I would also make sure that it's GAS tape, not your regular white teflon tape... the gas tape I use is yellow and more like plastic than thin spongy teflon, just in case you aren't sure... those are connections that are nice to get right the first time :)
  13. Kristi

    cellular core abs

    There are two grades of ABS... the cellcore and the good stuff :) Cellcore is much much cheaper, and used for venting and above ground drainage. The more solid, expensive stuff is preferred underground... but that doesn't stop people from putting the cellcore underground! It's flexible, a bit...
  14. Kristi

    Hi Guys, need your help with 500G of missing water

    I'm here, I'm here... :) Been away for a couple of days Mr. Grammar Man, up here in Canada we refer to it as a HWH... if you want to get really particular, you could have warm water stored in there (especially if it's malfunctioning or crapping out), but we would prefer it to be hot - but...
  15. Kristi

    Hi Guys, need your help with 500G of missing water

    Trying to help the in-laws who are on the other side of the continent with their sudden increase in water consumption: The issue - Water bill has almost 600 gallons of usage more than any other monthly water bill they've had in the past year (except when they had a major leak between the...
  16. Kristi

    tankless water heaters...where do you learn how to become a repairman for them????

    That is a serious rant Rugged, LOL! You should write a book... oh wait, you did! :) Here's what I think, nice and short and sweet: We know HWH's, we know them inside out and they're easy to operate, easy to service. They'll give you a decade of tireless service. Tankless units are in...
  17. Kristi

    Ball Valve Question?

    R&W Personally I like Red & White... more $, but they've never given me grief!
  18. Kristi

    how do you make a pressure balancing loop?

    This installation is a cause of anxiety for you, obviously you want to do the job right and are looking for the right direction on this forum. I think because you are a little stressed about it, you are overlooking the fact that each of the responses are giving you the answers to your...
  19. Kristi

    iron to copper on hydronic system

    WOW! well, I can say that this is a prime example of why this forum is such an invaluable tool (definitely for me). Where else could tradesmen tap into so many other tradesmens' experience? I haven't had any reason for follow up over the years on my installations, and since it's in our code I...
  20. Kristi

    iron to copper on hydronic system

    Really, HJ? Dielectric unions are only cosmetic? I've put them in for a long time (as it's code here) but never thought they would be described as having no purpose at all. Now I want to go back to the jobs a decade and a harf ago and case them out! Not entirely off topic, but I just...
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