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  1. MIKEMCD77

    Furnace roof vent

    Thanks! And if I get one of those, wouldn't it be OK to saw about one-half of the PVC pipe off? (Again, the PVC pipe is at least a one-foot extension above the "mushroom"... and the mushroom sits on top of a pipe that is at least one-foot long.)
  2. MIKEMCD77

    Furnace roof vent

    Thanks for the replies. On the roof above my furnace, I think there has always been a vent that is about a foot tall, with a "mushroom" cap. However, about 17 years ago when I had a NEW furnace installed, the installer cut a hole in the mushroom cap and then ran the PVC pipe from the furnace...
  3. MIKEMCD77

    Furnace roof vent

    I have a 6" diameter roof vent for my gas furnace. I want to replace the vent. Is it OK to replace it with a 4" diameter vent? Here is the info on my furnace: XE-90 gas furnace; Trane (American Standard) “high efficiency.” Mine is a Downflow and “NON-direct vent”; 74,000 BTUH capacity...
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