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  1. MKS

    Soap Suds From Bathtub Overflow New Plumbing.

    Is the drain line sloped correctly?
  2. MKS

    Overflow gasket woes

    Not a plumber. These gaskets are typically tapered so check that. A little liquid dish soap may help.
  3. MKS

    Replace bathroom sink supply lines of rigid Grey plastic

    It maybe polybutylene. Apears to be not in use now. Looks like there are many push on type fittings available. PEX to Poly adapter.
  4. MKS

    Were does laundry waste and residual water from hvac go

    I'll get some food coloring. Thanks.
  5. MKS

    Were does laundry waste and residual water from hvac go

    We are in the northern third of Illinois. My sons house was built I believe in the 1950s. The first and second floor waste goes out the side of the basement wall and to the septic field. In the basement the laundry and hvac liquids go straight down into the basement floor. No ejector pump just a...
  6. MKS

    Pop-Up Drain Stopper Leaking at Ball Rod Joint

    I would put a new drain and p trap on it.
  7. MKS

    Shower Stem Stuck in Valve

    Do you know what make this valve is? That could help. First picture shows what looks like a retaining clip on the bottom. Silver looking. A six point socket maybe an option. I have found knipex waterpump pliers to bite when others tools won't. I would not muscle up until you know the make.
  8. MKS

    Correcting kitchen sink drain incorrect slope

    The trap adapter at the wall as mentioned above gives you flexibility to set the slope.
  9. MKS

    Tankless water heater- no code, not firing

    If the units are identical you can check resistance on the same parts and compare. Or swap parts like ignition coils, as I have done on cars. I assume you flush/clean them on a regular basis.
  10. MKS

    We'd like a cast iron bath tub but our alcove is only 58 in wide.

    Pictures. The two responders have upwards of 100 years of experience. Tub rough openings are pretty well established. Highly unlikely it was a custom fiberglass tub. Cause it would be too expensive. Remodels are invasive. Porta johns. Outdoor showers. Bagged food. Sawzalls are a must along...
  11. MKS

    Need advice on a disastrous pipe extraction!

    Grind a a flat. Punch. Left handed drill bit.
  12. MKS

    Proper Drain for Double Sink Vanity

    Based on the pictures and links to Burt Polk Terry has presented in this forum your current system looks good. I'm not a pro.
  13. MKS

    Potential Slab Leak?

    Bunnies or frogs in a window well too.
  14. MKS

    Potential Slab Leak?

    What would the slab leak? Reread your post. Roofs that plane into each other. Dribbles on gutters. Drain lines with some type of clog. Toilet leak. Fish tanks. Bad back flow valve. It goes on.
  15. MKS

    Horrific smell Pipe dope?

    Pipe dope on threads there is fine. Plumbing putty between the bottom of the drain and sink. This sounds like a chemistry problem. Out of the ordinary things going down the drain maybe.
  16. MKS

    Problem soldering Brass PEX fitting to Copper pipe

    Search sweating no lead copper to brass copper pipe institute, I believe. It was on here before. You maybe over heating the brass.
  17. MKS

    Leaking sink drain

    Good for you.
  18. MKS

    Leaking sink drain

    I followed your picture link. Probably got violated. Based on what I could see I would take a couple of wrenches and see if I could get the elbow off the drain pipe. Then measure the drain pipe and go to a reputable plumbing shop, picture to hand along with said elbow and get an appropriate trap...
  19. MKS

    Water draining through vent resulting in leak

    I'll add in my case the leak was condensation, wintertime. They used a hub to hub coupler when they needed PVC to copper.
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