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  1. Justfixit

    Toilet off level by more than an inch

    I have a toilet that needs to be replaced. The front of the toilet is over an inch lower than the back is, if I'd set it right on the floor. Too much to use shims. I saw someone using plaster of paris under it to level it out but I don't feel like plaster is strong enough. It's also not very...
  2. Justfixit

    Winterization Checklist?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a winterization checklist they'd be willing to share. I live in Pennsylvania and have had several calls about winterizing summer cottages before winter. I've been doing research and it's all over the place. I'd like something to ensure I don't forget something...
  3. Justfixit

    New 50 Gallon Rheem Backdrafting

    Hello, I installed a new Rheem 50 gallon natural gas water heater to replace my old Rheem 50 gallon. I noticed after it ran for probably a half-hour the plastic trim pieces around the water lines was melting. The vent is very simple just an elbow on about a 45 then straight out the block wall...
  4. Justfixit

    Replacement Water Heater Gas Valve

    That's what I was thinking. Thanks
  5. Justfixit

    Replacement Water Heater Gas Valve

    I installed a new Rheem water heater in my house. There was a problem with the gas valve leaking gas right away. My question is can I replace the valve with another just like it if the water column is the same? I have several other gas valves just not one with that exact number on it. They said...
  6. Justfixit

    What happened to this water heater?

    This 40 gal. electric Rheem water heater is only 4 years old. They called me because the tank was leaking. I've never seen one look like this. The lower element and thermostat almost look like they were on fire but the wires weren't burned at all. Can't tell if it's just from the water or if it...
  7. Justfixit

    PLEASE help identify this cartridge

    I really need help finding this cartridge. I am unable to find anything about it. I know it's a Delta and says Temperature Monitor on it. I really don't want to have to replace the entire thing. It's in a tiled shower on an outside wall. Not sure why anyone would ever do that. Please help and...
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