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  1. Herk

    Norton Antivirus shuts off if not renewed

    I recently closed my computer business because it was interfering with my plumbing business. (For introductory purposes.) The first thing I would like to say about Norton Antivirus is that I think that Peter Norton and his company deserve some respect. That said, I haven't used their products...
  2. Herk

    Alpha antivirus

    This is a common type of infection, though the faux "anti-spyware" name changes. It may or may not be something you can get rid of yourself. The aforementioned is one of the best forums on the internet for curing these problems. I'm an advisor there, though I'm not in the...
  3. Herk

    Is this disposal plumbed right?

    I don't like center outlet wastes because they are too wobbly. I prefer the end outlet. That said, I don't see anything technically wrong with the setup. And if it doesn't wobble and come loose, bonus!
  4. Herk

    Hot Hot Hot Water!

    If the water is overheating, the water heater is a bomb. If it is over 15 years old, the relief valve is also probably 15 years old and there is no reason to expect it to work. I don't care if you have to take out a second mortgage on your house, if your mother's water heater is not shutting...
  5. Herk

    parts for pedistol sink

    Some old pedestals, such as Crane, have internal parts that you are not likely to find and in that case the entire sink needs to go. Modern pedestals are usually all the same.
  6. Herk

    Polybutylene piping info

    I plumbed my own house in PB ~1992. I have never had a single problem with either pipe or fittings. We do not have chlorinated water here. I expect a great many years of service. I also have never had any call backs to any house I plumbed with PB pipe. I have seen it badly installed and have...
  7. Herk

    Water ON causing a Throbbing Noise

    You either have a worn valve or a worn toilet fill valve, in all likelihood. Check the toilets by turning off each one at the valve under the toilet, then see if the noise has stopped. Otherwise, it may be a loose gate in a gate valve or a loose washer in a globe valve. Those are the most...
  8. Herk

    Water Overflow Pipe Dripping

    It would help if you actually posted pictures instead of .zip files.
  9. Herk

    copper caper

    The saddle bracket is probably copper coated steel. Remove it, clean up the pipe, and replace it with a non-metallic strap.
  10. Herk

    Normal pressure drop?

    Yes, I can. I used to install sprinkler systems and for any practical purposes 14 gallons per minute is maximum because if you try to get more your pressure drops. Hook a hose and a sprinkler to your front and back hydrants on the house and just see the trickle you get out of the faucet with...
  11. Herk

    Plumbing Leak?

    The soldering looks a bit amateurish. And that twisted copper tube is a likely place for a leak. You can see that the water's been running down the pipe. I would never cover that back in without repairing it, and that might entail replacing the tub valve as well.
  12. Herk

    Do I see a flange or top of a drain pipe

    Eeww . . . good luck with a PVC extension. If you can get to the pipe below the floor, it should be cut and a new flange installed with a ring beneath it to bring it up to the proper height.
  13. Herk

    Normal pressure drop?

    The most you can get out of a 3/4" meter is 14 gpm. Of course, that's fine if your house is within fifty feet, but when you're talking ~400' you've got a whole new problem. 1-1/2" PVC should be pretty good. It's sufficient for about twice the fixtures in a 1-bath home according to UPC if the...
  14. Herk

    Dishwasher Drainage Pipe To Flexible Hose

    My code won't allow two traps on a trap arm. One fixture - one trap. High loop is allowed here.
  15. Herk

    Free Estimates

    I'm sorry the plumber was so rude to you, Cookie. When I used to plumb houses, commercial buildings, remodels, there was no fee to give a bid. But the prize was always in the thousands of dollars. Now that I have done strictly service for over ten years, there is a $38 charge to go out...
  16. Herk

    redoing copper sweats

    Pooh! What's cheaper, a few copper fittings, or a flood? Toss 'em in the recycling bin and start over. There was a reason they leaked.
  17. Herk

    The 2009 pig slop contest begins

    The dishwasher drain doesn't require an air gap here. It does, however, require a high loop and I fastened it to the bottom of the counter. The reason I got the service call is because hubby is gone, the sheets are split, and the lady was trying to plunge the sink. She had filled the sink...
  18. Herk

    The 2009 pig slop contest begins

    Here's a beauty I found last week:
  19. Herk

    Old water cistern

    Maybe it's a fallout shelter.
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