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  1. LarsG35

    Island loop for dishwasher

    Ah, so I could just buy a dishwasher discharge tube extension and run it under the floor over to the kitchen sink? I had assumed that was against the rules for some reason! (rough picture attached) The installation manual says a maximum of 16 feet of discharge tube, which I think is just...
  2. LarsG35

    Island loop for dishwasher

    Thanks for the response breplum Ok so I guess a standalone DW on an island isn't allowed in UPC? Or what would be the correct way to drain it then? Something about an airgap sticking up in the middle of a 2' x 4' butcherblock island seems a little weird, but I suppose it makes for an...
  3. LarsG35

    Island loop for dishwasher

    Hi everyone, First off, thanks for the great site. Definitely a newbie here so I apologize in advance if I put this in the wrong place or have my formatting wrong. My general questions are: Would this be up to code [UPC] (or at least pretty close) and are there any functional differences...
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