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  1. RJ539

    GE GXSF23Z01 Water Softener Sump Pump Capacity Required

    According to my GE GXSF23Z01 water softener specs, the max. water outflow occurs during the final regeneration rinse cycle at 1.8 GPM (108 GPH). I have routed the 5/16" ID valve drain hose to a Little Giant VCL-24ULS condensate sump pump (rated 270 GPH @ 1' head) mounted approx. 2 ft. below the...
  2. RJ539

    Soil Stack Vent Area

    Loc'n: Rural Spokane County, WA Is there any provision within the UPC venting requirements that would allow me to reduce the my 3" dia. soil stack down to a 2" dia. vent stack extending above the highest branch drain and then thru the roof, short of adding a second 2" dia. vent stack (for a...
  3. RJ539

    Waste Stack Discharge Receipt

    Reach4, thanks for your input: I suspect you're correct. It would have been infinitely more clear had Para. 913.2 of the 2018 IPC written "vent stack" vs. "stack" in that third sentence. Since posting this, I have come to realize that WA has adopted the UPC, not the IPC, so I will repost my...
  4. RJ539

    Waste Stack Discharge Receipt

    Terry, With reference to the paragraph cited below, I am confused with the third (3rd) sentence found in Para. 913.2 of the 2018 IPC: Is it's intent to prevent someone from locating a toilet flange directly on top of the waste stack? If not, I'm at a loss to understand how one directs the...
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