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  1. Plumber1

    Unclogging a toilet which drains out the front

    It's called a " wash down" as opposed to a "reverse trap" toilet bowl. The latter was a little quieter and a bit more expensive. Closet augers go both ways. Both flush quite well. Auger it. Check the rim flush , make sure water in the bowl is up to it's overflow point. Make sure the water is...
  2. Plumber1

    kitchen sink drain is lower than waste pipe and leaks

    Just a note. I don't think that that black coupling is a drain fitting. It looks like its an offset reducing coupling. Looks like cast but could be malleable. Were sometimes used on heating systems.
  3. Plumber1

    Bathtub leaking into apartment below

    I've see so many calls like this and so many times it's water getting through the wall at the faucet or spout. But then you find it leaking through the floor, the customer says , but we don't get water on the floor. You need to look in the access and prove the point. Showers can get water over...
  4. Plumber1

    Toilet drain modification

    He's talking about a brass flange to copper waste line. Even if it's flat to the stack, you won't see any difference.
  5. Plumber1

    Why Low Water Pressure in Just One Fixture?

    Take the diverter out and see if you see a possible problem.
  6. Plumber1

    soldering a slip coupling tight spot

    Maybe you should save time and frustration and just replace the whole thing. If you cut out the split how are you going to put it together. I don't think you can be that exact.
  7. Plumber1

    Locating drain pipes in basement

    When you locate them, what are you going to do? Or why do you want to find them?
  8. Plumber1

    My sink is burping

    Sounds like a drain or vent problem. Are there some more details you could give us? New home or an older home etc.
  9. Plumber1

    Kitchen Faucet Noise/Shutter

    Probably a slight drip or leak associated with the hose and or spray.
  10. Plumber1

    cast iron under the sink

    I usually cracked those (Durham), cast fittings, with a heavy short handled sledge and backed it up with an 18" pipe wrench. Or you can cut the steel pipe back near the wall and give yourself more room and transition with a no-hub band to pvc.
  11. Plumber1

    faucet washers...different grades?

    You have a seat problem....
  12. Plumber1

    watertight seal between faucet base and sink

    I've been throwing away those darned black rubber gaskets that Delta has been using for fifty years or more and using plumbers putty and where necessary I use a clear caulk. I like Delta but here comes another gasket to toss.
  13. Plumber1

    lead flared pipe/installing a flange

    Yes, some old timers used to peen the lead over onto the floor and use closet screws, not bolts to hold the toilet.
  14. Plumber1

    corporate coupling/water meter problems/broken pipe

    Here in Michigan where I live, the valve at the water main is called a (corporation cock). And you need whats called a street key to shut off the water because our water service is at least 4 ft below grade.
  15. Plumber1

    LOW END ---DELTA FAUCETS--- now sold at LOWES.....

    Mark, if it comes to that, I think that I would explain what's happened and suggest that your Delta from your supplier would be just fine. You might eat this one but now you are for warned for the next guy. Don't you think that if the customer buys his own items and if they are defective that...
  16. Plumber1

    Leaky pipe between tank and bowl (old toilet)

    You can make a very good seal with teflon stem seal. It will compress and you can add more teflon as long as there is enough thread to let the jam nut catch and compress. Also paint a little teflon pipe dope before you wind the bead of teflon rolled or steam seal would help a lot too. Should not...
  17. Plumber1

    Do you use teflon tape or pipe dope on seats and stems?

    A thin wind of thin tape under the seats' shoulder will insure no leak from the back side of the seat and won't interfere with anything. I look at as a gasket. Same with supplementing the seal where the steam it threaded into the valve body.
  18. Plumber1

    Crud in toilet

    I would clean that out with meuratic acid.........
  19. Plumber1

    High Water Level in Toilet Bowl

    No such thing as a bowl with water too high. That's designed into the bowl. so the refill fills the bowl to the traps overflow point and we all made sure when we repaired a toilet, it was set that way. some service calls about a poor functioning toilet needed nothing more than to put the...
  20. Plumber1

    Toilet Flushing causes pipe rumblings

    If it were mine, I'd open the dang shut off valve all the way regardless. Do you have extreemly high water pressure ? If you want to take one more step, tale that supply valve apart and see if the rubber inside is solid and not partially loose. Be prepared to replace that washer. A sloppy...
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