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  1. WalnutContractors

    Brand new Toto Wall Hung toilet creaks!

    How did you make out? I found I had to shim out the bottom of the toilet to wall connection. The top portion of the porcelain gets pulled tight to the wall with the wall studs but the bottom connection is relying on the wall being plumb and also receives a lot of the flex from sitting on the...
  2. WalnutContractors

    Is My Underfloor Hydronic Pump Undersized?

    I've got the same circulator. The alpha typically shows the gpm and the watts that are currently in use - what does yours show? Do you set yours to auto? I am running my system off a low boy bradford white. I have 7 zones in 5/8 pap with 3 floors and a crawl ( pump is at the crawl level )...
  3. WalnutContractors

    Toto wall-hung with 1.6GPF

    The CT426CFG isn't too crazy pricey - not sure about reviews. Which ones have bad reviews? Running the CT426CFG at 1.6g instead of 1.28g seems to have a few drops splash out of the toilet but if you can adjust the tank to 1.28g I think you'd be ok. I am trying to work through this on my setup...
  4. WalnutContractors

    Toto WT151 wall carrier with AP CT426WTG

    I roughed in the WT152 wall carriers. I didn't bother to order the other pieces. When I went to order the wall toilet it turned out the WT152 had been discontinued and the wall toilets were no longer available. After talking to toto tech support they concluded that I could use the new wall...
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