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  1. Steveo1966

    Toto Aquia I - Wax Ring / Seal, installation instructions

    I posted a reply to an old thread on this topic (see this link). But, since I received a warning about this being an old thread, I am posting it below as well. Apologies if this is not proper forum ettiqutte. Please let me know if so. Thank you. ___ I pulled my Toto Aquia I the other day for...
  2. Steveo1966

    Complete Toto Aquia installation instructions written by Jamie Love

    This is fantastic info. I pulled my Aquia I the other day for a bathroom re-paint and also to confirm a leak that I have suspected, as there was a little bit of seepage over time (no noticeable liquid) around the base of the front of the toilet. And yes, with the toilet removed, I can confirm...
  3. Steveo1966

    PEX A 1/4 turn Ball Valve replacement

    I have this 1/4 ball valve to replace, as circled below. It was installed by a plumber 12 years ago during a reno and using PEX A and is an uponor shutoff. It is excercised at least 2-3 times per year as it is a shutoff for a line running to an ouside tap. The valve seems to have failed in...
  4. Steveo1966

    Did my first re-bed, two questions

    Thank you, yes that is pretty much the startup procedure I followed. This system is municipal water, but just curious how much bleach you would suggest for a 1cu ft system? My other system in my primary residence is a 2 cu. ft system and will be re-bedding most likely this weekend. Any...
  5. Steveo1966

    Did my first re-bed, two questions

    Did my first re-bed , 2 weeks ago, of a 1 cu. ft. system with Clack WS1 head in my rental property in Kitchener, ON - very hard water. This forum has been invaluable in getting me prepared! All went well, except for one rookie mistake I made, that I believe I have recovered from:) - see 2...
  6. Steveo1966

    Water Softener Resin (media) replacement as DIY?

    I have two homes in Southern Ontario my principal residence in the north of Bolton area and an investment property in Kitchener acquired about 18 months ago. Both areas are known for hard water. Both homes have a clack WS1 valve/system and in my principal residence I had the softener replaced...
  7. Steveo1966

    Salt Level & Brine concentration / saturation

    Perfect, thanks for your detailed explanation on stratification and answers to my questions. Your PVC idea is a good one, and I so happen to have a length of 4" PVC weeper with the holes along the bottom and I could just drill some more. Or I could just be less lazy, and hand bail all the...
  8. Steveo1966

    Salt Level & Brine concentration / saturation

    I generally keep the salt level in my Clack WS1 unit above the water level which is recommended. However, every couple years, I like to run the salt down to near empty to make sure there is no bridging and also clean out any sediment from the brine tank. Currently the water level is probably...
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