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  1. God said Let There Be Pug

    Professional or DIY?

    I assumed I could make one trip to Ace and replace the old parts with new ones and they would fit, but I guess from your reply it's not that easy. Nothing is as easy as I think it should be when it comes to home "repairs". Always at least twice as long to do and twice as expensive. Appreciate...
  2. God said Let There Be Pug

    Professional or DIY?

    Do you recommend a professional plumber to replace the pipes in the basement laundry tubs, just the ones that are above the tub, or is it something the average person can do? The pipes are very old, my guess is from the 1950s so quite rusted stuck. Thanks. Pugs
  3. God said Let There Be Pug

    This is really worth reading

    Crying releases something that you should allow to let go. And laughter is the best medicine.
  4. God said Let There Be Pug

    Cast iron piping

    Jadnashua, what kind of money are you talking about for a whole-house re-pipe? My house was built in 1927. There was no plumbing at all when it was built. I know this because the man who married the lady who lived here in the 1940's told me. I would love to have a working basement laundry...
  5. God said Let There Be Pug

    How do plumbers decide on what to charge?

    dev7, You sound like a doctor I would seek. God has other plans for our kids perhaps. .....going to Bible....can't find the verse and going to paraphrase now. "Every good and perfect gift is from above." Terri
  6. God said Let There Be Pug

    Ventilation question

    Jim, I started replacing the heat registers, the things that go over the holes where the heat comes out. The sheet metal is very old and needs to be replaced, if not for function, then for cleanliness. The vents from the furnace, which is in the basement, are pretty old. They're not shiny by...
  7. God said Let There Be Pug

    Ventilation question

    Yes, it is a warm air duct. Thanks for the replies.
  8. God said Let There Be Pug

    Ventilation question

    I found this site by Googling DIY HVAC. I want to replace a vent that is in the basement. It is old and actually leaks. Seems like an easy DIY job that would make my day when completed. So being the wise person, I am researching HVAC. The house I live in was built in 1927, but I don't...
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