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  1. GLT

    Water Softener Pipe Threads: Tapered or Straight?

    I installed a new softener and used 1 inch PEX to run new water lines. All went great, except for two very slow leaks between water softener connecter and the brass female pipe (NPT) to PEX fitting. Leaks about 1 drop every 5 minutes, tightening the fittings has not really changed the rate. The...
  2. GLT

    Wrong Injector in Fleck 5810?

    I'm ready to install and I want to thank everyone for their input...
  3. GLT

    Wrong Injector in Fleck 5810?

    I will verify the valve has the proper settings based on your information. A 1.25 meter is installed on the output line. I appreciate your advice. Thank you
  4. GLT

    Wrong Injector in Fleck 5810?

    The DLFL markings are: 200; 124; 'F'. The valve body has a blue sticker: .25 GMP, .75 Lb Salt/Min; and a white sticker with a '1' . So do I have the 2.0 GPM flow rate? Thank you for the advice.
  5. GLT

    Wrong Injector in Fleck 5810?

    Thank you for the quick reply, your information was spot on and just what I needed. I called the supplier and was told the White injector was a mistake and they would send out the Violet injector for my 9 inch tank. I do have a concern that because the injector was not checked that maybe the...
  6. GLT

    Wrong Injector in Fleck 5810?

    I believe my Fleck 5810 softener has the wrong injector installed and need some advice on what to do. I have a 9x48 tank with 1 cu/ft resin and city water at 15 grains. My valve has a White injector which I think belongs in at 14"-16" tank. My 9" tank should have a Violet injector according to...
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