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  1. DonL

    Power but not running

    Some motors have a built in circuit breaker, Normally a Red button. They are push to reset.
  2. DonL

    Fried a Breaker :(

    Yes it is. All of the electrons gather around a loose connection and have a barbecue party. :eek:
  3. DonL

    What VPN do you use, if any?

    I use PIA. I think it is around $50 USD a year. It works on all OS platforms. If your subscription expires, It will no longer work. :rolleyes:
  4. DonL

    120v Generator to power a home

    It is too bad that you can not run your generator outside without someone stealing it.
  5. DonL

    Air Temp Through Wall Unit Help(doesn’t seem to be as cold)

    A 15-20 deg differential is about as good as it gets. Depends on the type of refrigerant used. Running it on recirculate will get colder than cooling fresh outside air. In fresh air mode mode, If it is 100 deg outside, 80-85 deg inside is about normal. The only Chrysler made ones that I seen...
  6. DonL

    120v Generator to power a home

    Generators with 120 Volt outlets are for temporary use, And should be operated using a proper extension cord. Buy a whole house generator and do it right, If you feal the need to back feed 240 V. Silly ideas normally do not work out very well. :rolleyes: You could end up temporary. :eek:
  7. DonL

    120v Generator to power a home

    Sounds like a formula to produce smoke. :eek:
  8. DonL

    Whirlpool Flame Lock water heaters, reviews, troubleshooting, repair and support.

    It should at least heat Hot Water. :rolleyes:
  9. DonL

    Whirlpool Flame Lock water heaters, reviews, troubleshooting, repair and support.

    Do you have a expansion tank ? Are you on city water ? Some noise can be expected due to expansion from a cold to hot water tank heating up. From what I have seen, The better heaters DO NOT have a plastic drain valve. A plastic drain valve is a dead giveaway of Cheap. Good Luck.
  10. DonL

    Heating stopped working

    No. Different motor. @WorthFlorida described very nice. One thing that you may want to try, That is safe and easy ; Turn the breaker(s) OFF for both the inside and outside units to kill complete power to the system. Then after a bit, Turn the breakers back on. Then try again. Sometimes the...
  11. DonL

    Heating stopped working

    It may be best to have a pro look at it for you. There are many safeties on that unit that can keep if from running. Do you hear the vent motor running when the T-Stat call for heat ?
  12. DonL

    Gould J5S - Pressure Build Problems + Noises

    For some reason your image does not display.
  13. DonL

    Heating stopped working

    If it is a standing pilot, Maybe the pilot flame is out.
  14. DonL

    Bathroom sink clogged but can't pull anything out

    I have had good luck using a Shop Vac. It will suck the clog out. I blame the clog on my wifes long hair. Good Luck.
  15. DonL

    Burner didn't shut off at limit

    Crud on the sensor maybe.
  16. DonL

    Happy New Year

    I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe New Year. Be careful playing with electricity. ;)
  17. DonL

    They do not put pressure tanks down in the casing. If you have one it will be top side. Good Luck.

    They do not put pressure tanks down in the casing. If you have one it will be top side. Good Luck.
  18. DonL

    How to Bench Test a Jet Pump

    For safety purpose, You may want to add a electrical ground wire to the motor. That will also let you test the motor for a shorted winding. There should be Zero current flowing on the ground wire. Have Fun. Be safe.
  19. DonL

    Wiring help with thermostat and condensor

    Not really. Do you have a schematic ? That will show what needs to be done. Will also avoid smoking something.
  20. DonL

    Water well losing pressure

    Have you verified that your tank is not water logged ? Good Luck.
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