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  1. chas22

    Any HVAC contractors onboard.....

    Highest Bidder? UGLY!
  2. chas22

    Trane vs Day & Night 3 ton air/heating unit

    Rheem!, Goodman If you want to save more.
  3. chas22

    4-inch heat duct worth the effort?

    Put a Heat, Vent, Light in the ceiling and call it good!
  4. chas22

    Lennox / Copeland AC Compressor

    I never buy compressors from Lennox for replacement. I replace with a like compressor and buy an extended 5yr warranty for about the same price as the compresson from lennox.
  5. chas22

    A coil

    Your 10 seer, 1992 unit is almost 17 yrs old. I think it's time for a complete upgrade!
  6. chas22

    Need help choosing

    If you check the Goodman high efficiency furnace has a 10 yr. parts and a life time heat exchanger warranty. The 13 seer condensing unit has a 10yr. warranty on all, or you can get a 14 seer condensing unit with a lifetime compressor warranty and a 10 year parts. Trane you pay for the name and...
  7. chas22

    inline in gas furnace exhaust: what is it?

    Don't look like something that would pass an inspection.
  8. chas22

    Furnace replacement

    Take a look at Rheem. And if you want to save a little money chech out Goodman, its built well and has a good warranty. Any system is only as good as the installation.
  9. chas22

    Backwater Valve

    Yes I am on a slab floor and no basement. My lateral lines for the septic tank have gone bad and about a year and a half ago they installed a city sewer line through the neighborhood. So I could tie on for a 600 tap fee and pay a plumber $1,800to hook me up or pay over $2,200 to have someone...
  10. chas22

    Slab floor drain leak

    The red tag said, NO fall on drain line. He said it was about 1/8 inch back the wrong direction. Yes my dirt is a sandy topsoil with no rocks. I live close to the Arkansas River and are surrounded by sod farms and a sand plant, pretty good soil. Thanks for all the help.
  11. chas22

    Backwater Valve

    Thanks for the information. I picked up a Clean Check extendable backwater valve made by Rectorseal at the supply house. Thanks for the help!
  12. chas22

    Slab floor drain leak

    No answers on the concrete? I have some extra time. Inspector came out and red tagged it. Plumbers have to return, repair and call an inspection again. Glad I’m replacing my own carpet and tile.
  13. chas22

    Backwater Valve

    Yes I do have a licensed plumber to do the work, but I believe that as a homeowner I need to know as much about the work being done as I can. I myself have a mechanical journeyman license in HVAC but don't keep up with everything going on in the plumbing or electrical trades. I have had to...
  14. chas22

    Backwater Valve

    If it is permitted is this type of valve the way to go? And what about line size?
  15. chas22

    Slab floor drain leak

    I had a drain leak in some 2-inch cast iron in a slab floor. The plumbers came out and jack hammered the floor out, did the repair and now I'm waiting for the inspector to come out and check the work. My part of this consists of putting dirt back in the hole and replacing the concrete, some...
  16. chas22

    Backwater Valve

    I am in the process of getting a permit to get rid of my septic tank and tie onto the city sewer. A friend told me I should install a back flow preventer in the line and also said to use an extendable backwater valve because its easy if you have to do any maintence. Please give me some input...
  17. chas22

    Delta Shower Faucet

    I have a Delta shower faucet that was installed about 1 yr. ago. It's a single lever with a temp lever in the center. The large handle as well as the small are getting a little stiff to turn. Can someone tell me if the valve needs to be taken apart and lubed or have I got something to tight...
  18. chas22

    Furnace quotes-BTU question

    If it was my house and I were to just ballpark it. I would look at something about 92% 80,000 BTU furnace with a 5 ton drive blower, then add a 13 seer 4 ton condensing unit, and use an expansion valve.
  19. chas22

    HVAC remodel

    1st Rudd/Rheem, 2nd Goodman/Janitrol
  20. chas22

    HELP - gas funace will not stay on

    Make sure everything is dried up. Look for a small metal rod that is in the flame on one of the burners. Once located, get some fine sand cloth or paper and clean this rod then retry. Good luck.
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