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  1. Mr tee

    how to minimize p trap under utility sink

    Don't use the snappy crap, it is not sanitary and probably not legal. Either get the shortest basket you can, do as Tuttle advises or get a smaller cat.
  2. Mr tee

    Terry Love- cancer update

    My thoughts are with you all.
  3. Mr tee

    Help with refrigerator waterline, and HVAC duct

    If you go over the top insulate only above it to trap the heat from the room below.
  4. Mr tee

    Composite Vs. Stainless Over mount Sink

    Get an 18ga SS sink with a brushed finish and you will be fine. Get the other if you like it better.
  5. Mr tee

    Washer Standpipe and Trap height

    I'd put it at 12" and use a 30" standpipe.
  6. Mr tee

    Compression stem for bathroom faucet

    If there isn't a screw on the bottom, just a hole (I can't tell in picture) it may be a Price Pfister Hydroseal.
  7. Mr tee

    Is this a "compression" inlet valve?

    It is compression. Doesn't need to be flared and you can probably reuse the old nut and sleeve.
  8. Mr tee

    Dry fitting Cellular Core ABS

    No dry fit, the pipe will push in farther with cement on it.
  9. Mr tee

    Replace valves or Packing washers? Laundry room valves.

    Some replacement packing washers come with a diagonal slit. Teflon or graphite string packing added to what you have will probably work. Back in the day at our high service plumbing store If folks brought in a stem & bonnet I would find a square cut cloth & rubber that fit tight on the stem and...
  10. Mr tee

    90 degree double sanitary tee (schedule 40)

    Reach has asked the critical question.
  11. Mr tee

    Sewer gas smell from cold water tap

    If it is just the lavatories and the faucets are connected with plastic or braided stainless steel (over plastic) flex connectors they could be the problem.
  12. Mr tee

    Gate valve leak

    At the handle end, above the threads, is a piece that pulls out. The packing goes under that.
  13. Mr tee

    Toilet and shower drain sharing a vent - Shower downstream

    I don't think an ABS 1/5 bend exists but a 1/6 bend in a rolled wye would point off at 90 degrees. I am not sure that California allows AAVs.
  14. Mr tee

    Pedestal sink - drain connection exposed, escutcheon not deep enough - any ideas?

    Just paint it to match the wall - anyone crawling around down there deserves to find something.
  15. Mr tee

    Kohler Niedecken, Help locating this fixture's information...

    There are a couple stem lengths and it takes a special tool to change it &/or the packing.
  16. Mr tee

    2005 Peerless shower cartridge valve broke off

    Screw in a big wood screw, grab the screw with pliers and yank.
  17. Mr tee

    Reassure me that a shielded coupling (e.g., Fernco) is just as good

    Use the shielded couplings. PVC repair couplings are a pain to use and you only get one shot at it.
  18. Mr tee

    Cutting old galvanized to couple to new brass or PVC P trap. Nervous.

    I'd get rid of all the galvanized and handle it the way Terry suggested.
  19. Mr tee

    Anyone for sure know what this is?

    The hex on the branch of the tee makes me suspect it is threaded. Just a guess.
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