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  1. Bowen

    Seeking Tips for House Reno. Wiring

    HI molo,I never do work on the Renovation even of my won home,But I can guide you about the wiring of the electricity and electronics devices installation (smoke alarms,motion sensor and other anti theft alarms) your yard or a large parking lot or nearby dark alley is best place for installation...
  2. Bowen

    Smoke detector

    Hi john, you have 3 wire black,red and white , I also have 3 wire but the colors are different I have white black and yellow,I think white and black is neutral and red one is interconnecting the lead. I think we have smoke detector of two different companies that's why the color of the wires are...
  3. Bowen

    Will heat make a smoke detector go off?

    will a smoke alarms can go off with heat. According to my view a smoke alarms just go off with smoke. so please share with me if you have any experienced about it? But I must suggest to all of you that we all should maintain the smoke alarms and must change the battery after a short time.
  4. Bowen


    Hi buddy, That is not a bad price at all, for a Sony LiIon battery.But I want to share some thing with all of you which is very important,we have some many precious electronic device but we have lost due to some battery problem.I have get an idea which can save your devices,When you are not...
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