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  1. Onokai

    Wall Mounted Toilet - Opening a Can of Worms?

    Totos always put the power cord on left (power outlet is the easy part) Why the heck did they screw that up?? Maybe they did not read the instructions slowly as Terry suggested at the beginning ?
  2. Onokai

    Service Entry Relocate-wire sizing questions

    I would take the 4/0 wire and oversize the condiut as Wayne suggested. The 2 200 amp panels sound right as well-they m,]ake 225 amp panels as well. I wish I had one as I have outgrown my 200 amp panel in 20 years
  3. Onokai

    Service Entry Relocate-wire sizing questions

    I can sugget at least a 200 amp home service panel and your barn will need anouther 100 amp service as a minimum . That 300 amp service and that a minimum. The load needs to be figured and the wire run -you can look up the 300 amps x length of wire run for your answer on google via the NEC code...
  4. Onokai

    New To Site

    (Orangeburg pipe still remaining under a cement patio. The remainder of the run to the tank is PVC. I was able to snake 23 feet through the Orangeburg to the PVC section. ) That stuff completely fails at some point. My guess is you have passed that point
  5. Onokai

    Confused about mortar under tubs...

    The idea is to make the tub bottom firm so it does not flex. Any way you get to this is fine. The bagged mortar or cement is the easiest-add water mix and bag and install. all, the other ideas are harder and take more time. Figuring foam thickness is too hard as you cannot measure under the...
  6. Onokai

    Confused about mortar under tubs...

    I used cement but mortar would be the same -I put it in heavy duty trash sacks so its not sticking to floor or tub/shower. sand is no good as it will just work loose. You need firm contact support-mortar or cement enclosed in plastic -let it set off before getting into tub. all of your points do...
  7. Onokai

    Plumbing Water Heater Into Solar Loop

    You could use the drain valve to make the loop back to solar tank. I use that drain valve for a Grundfos smart pump so I have instant hot water at all taps but it requires a return from furthest faucet . You could do the same with a small smart pump to move the water a few times per day to keep...
  8. Onokai

    Expansion tank Pressure setting

    I put in a check valve as I have a spun calcite tank that gets the well water first and I want the back pressure off this tank so the one way valve is a few feet past this tank before expansion tank. The reason I'm adding this tank after 39 years is my solar water collectors on roof (for 39...
  9. Onokai

    Expansion tank Pressure setting

    I'm adding a small 2 gallon expansion tank to my 80 gallon solar water heater which feeds my 40 gallon gas water heater, I'm putting it in the incoming cold water line from well with a 40-60 pressure switch. What air static pressure should the tank have in it charged before the install 38#s? of...
  10. Onokai

    Rust around element/thermostat

    You will need new thermostats and to clean it all up-it looks nasty-what brand is it -definitely had water in there to rush like that.
  11. Onokai

    What if my well pump has no control box

    My neighbor has a 65 foot well with a Grundfos 1/2hp pump/motor and does not use a control box-the pump pumps into a tank (gravity ) hooked to a float switch than another pump with pressure tank supplies house. Any downside with no capacitor (control box) on motor?
  12. Onokai

    What wood? to use after removing cast iron tub?

    I would use 3/4 plywood to bring it up myself. That's what is common in new construction as well. On the side walls if you need to fir out the studs rip some wood strips to size then tarpaper and then backer board-or forget the tarpaper and use the newer orange tile membranes-as they are...
  13. Onokai

    Electric water heater wire size question-solar water application

    I'm going to run running 10/3 now for sure -buying a 250 foot roll so I'll have some extra for some future mini splits going in in JUNE
  14. Onokai

    Electric water heater wire size question-solar water application

    I have a wiring size question -1st let me say I have a 80 gallon Rheem Solaraide tank that takes hot water directly (no heat coil fluid transfer )off two 4x8 solar water panels on roof. I set this up in 1981. This tank then feed my Rheem 40 gallon natural as water heater, The 1st rheem tank...
  15. Onokai

    Electrical Box recommendation

    I am partial to GE-Sylvania- Square D Siemens-select models only I dislike cutler hammer as they changed the line years ago on me and all the old ones no longer fit. I was a square D fan but the supplier around here quit carrying the so now that a nightmare. The new boxes have new features like...
  16. Onokai

    Does porcelain wear out and stain more?

    This is the stuff that will restore it. Use gloves and a dry bowl. Its called Lime Away-follow instructions. Repeat the treatment a few times. than flush it with water. This stuff gets all the crud off. Its pretty sticky as well. Ventilation is needed. Its my last resort but will always work
  17. Onokai

    Wall Mounted Toilet - Opening a Can of Worms?

    Go thru the manual and turn off some functions. The bowl was down does keep the thing cleaner but it being quiet is what's needed. Ours is a room away. The new wall mounted bedroom toilet I have is yet to get a washdown seat on yet due to noise. Its plumbed and wired so let us know if you can...
  18. Onokai

    Wall Mounted Toilet - Opening a Can of Worms?

    I think you may be able to detune that cycling with some loss of the wash down features. I did mention the late night noise
  19. Onokai

    Caulk Discloration Kohler Undermount Enamled Cast Iron Sink

    I have seen mold get into the latex caulks and stay there no matter what. That's why I suggest cutting it all out and starting over
  20. Onokai

    Caulk Discloration Kohler Undermount Enamled Cast Iron Sink

    I would use very carefully a new single edge razor blade and remove as much caulk as you can and clean again and dry and recaulk with the suggested right caulk .That's mold it looks like in and on the caulk.
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