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  1. Plumber2000

    Which slot in flange to use?

    It does not matter what slot you use, as long as you use extra nut and waher to tighten it up on to the flange, ABS flanges with metal rings, the ones that are painted rings, there trouble, when the paint chips away and the ring gets water on it, it will rust out, Schd 40 ABS Plastic Flanges are...
  2. Plumber2000

    Best 10" rough in that isn't a Toto

    American Standard makes a 10" rough
  3. Plumber2000

    Moen stop/check valves

    Are you talking about the integral stops located on the body of the valve left and right of the center of the valve?
  4. Plumber2000

    Shower Pipe Installation

    Mike post a picture.
  5. Plumber2000

    Leaking shower faucet

    Replace the entire valve, body and all, not just the innards.
  6. Plumber2000

    What could be the reason..

    Remove the flow restricter out of the shower head, you can see it when looking into it, pick will help remove it.
  7. Plumber2000

    Bathtub Enclosure for odd shaped tub

    How about going with a marble surround, they are cut to what ever measurements are needed.
  8. Plumber2000

    Challenge routing kitchen sink vent around window

    Depending on what code you use, here to run the vent below the window sill where it will not be 6" above the flood level rim of said sink, we can use long radius 90 turn/s for the vent if below the flood level rim, ask inspector if they allow what I just said. Slope is not a factor here...
  9. Plumber2000

    Kitchen Sink Trap Placement

    End of the tailpiece, then route the drain to the trap location.
  10. Plumber2000

    Galvanized supply pipe removal

    Steve, Usually the fitting will be ok, go for it.
  11. Plumber2000

    turned around hot&cold

    If you like hot water to the toilet, hot water to ice maker if you have one, and all faucet reversed when turned on, then no it will not matter,
  12. Plumber2000

    Outdoor Faucet problem

    You have a frostproof hose bib there, if where it screws into the wall fitting is secure then you should be able to unscrew it and install a new one, turn off the water first.
  13. Plumber2000

    toilet will not flush

    Turn down the water flow at shut off, if water is entering tank too rapid, this can cause flapper to not seat back down.
  14. Plumber2000

    pex and polybutlyene

    There are poly by pex adapters one can use, crimp on the adapters and then finish it off with pex pipe and fittings.
  15. Plumber2000

    Stub outs

    Rough the water stubs outs just above the drain stub out. Kitchen drain stub should be 17" off floor and lav stub out should be 20" off floor.
  16. Plumber2000


    Jimbo your probably right, in a CED class it was brought up and the instructor, long time inspector in this are says it can be used, maybe it's a different type of stuff then what is asked about on here.
  17. Plumber2000

    Are waxless rings ok?

    Terry, I don't think there code approved. Correct if I'm wrong.
  18. Plumber2000

    Are waxless rings ok?

    Do wax only, you will sleep better at night if you do.
  19. Plumber2000

    toilet flange extenders

    Apply silicon in between the flange extensions, screw them down and set the toilet.
  20. Plumber2000

    Sewage Pipe

    Find a new spot to install a clean out, dig it out and install one, if you have knowledge of fitting needed then should not be the hard to install one.
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