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  1. Dgold

    Adding a sink, best way to tie in drain?

    Thanks everyone! Very much appreciate the input! I’m covering this with base cabinets, so I might actually be able to fit in a loop if I can twist it to the side a little. Seems like that’s the most full proof method - no? If I can’t do that, the AAV on the trap sounds a LOT simpler. I’ve...
  2. Dgold

    Adding a sink, best way to tie in drain?

    That is correct… double vanity. Maricopa County, AZ
  3. Dgold

    Adding a sink, best way to tie in drain?

    Sorry, don’t know why I can’t use the image link while creating the post. I pasted the URL for the photo into the body this time. it’s here:
  4. Dgold

    Adding a sink, best way to tie in drain?

    Hi all, I’m wanting to add a sink to my laundry room. On the other side of this wall is a vanity, so I have supply, drain, & vent right here - which is convenient. Can I use a tee or a wye (and which is correct?) at location B to turn out of the wall (eye swinging out to the left - so the water...
  5. Dgold

    Should RO receive hard water or softened water?

    Good point, and you are correct, only the cold is bypassed. I suppose I'll just have to replace the RO cartridge$ more frequently and learn to accept scale on my kitchen faucet. I hate scale. :/ Thank you both!
  6. Dgold

    Should RO receive hard water or softened water?

    Hi, I'm building a new home in Phoenix, AZ, and I was checking out the plumbing rough in, and noticed something that struck me as odd: I have a softener loop installed, but at the service entrance to the home, there's a bypass. I would expect the bypass to send (hard) water to the outdoor hose...
  7. Dgold

    Ant hills in lawn

    Molton aluminum
  8. Dgold

    Water Softener recommendations and purchase for self install.

    Are those blue stains? That could be a sign of acidic water... Which could also contribute to corrosion of the metal fixture surfaces. You may want to check the pH of the water to ensure its above 7.0 (neutral). Anything below 7.0 is acidic. If you take a fresh sample to any local pool store...
  9. Dgold

    Moving Into New Home - Changing the Locks - Builder Has a Magic Key to Reset Locks???

    ^this^ IMHO, thieves are by the very nature of their behavior, lazy opportunists. Unless you've got some specific thing they know about and want, the best defense is deterrence, things that encourage selecting a better or easier target / victim: Good lighting Web cam(s) mounted in plain sight...
  10. Dgold

    Best Toilet available from Home Depot or Lowe's?

    +2 Installed two in my house as well. These are fantastic. I agree... You get more than your money's worth.
  11. Dgold

    Whirlpool water softener brine tank continues to fill during brine cycle only

    Two questions that might help: At any point, is the brine tank overflowing? Does water or brine come out of the overflow line (the tube coming out of the side or back of the brine tank)? After regeneration, is your water soft (0 gpg or 0 ppm hardness)?
  12. Dgold

    Softener & Nuetralizer Help

    I would try to fix it first. Same thing happened to mine in my old house, but the guys used a simple home made tool to break up the caking and clean it out. If you have an air compressor - even a small one - it's cheap to try yourself. Basically, they took a 5' long stick of 1/2" CPVC, with a...
  13. Dgold

    Softener valve guidance

    Sorry, I thought I read that. Upon looking it up again, I see it's the 5000 that's headed for obsolescence, not the 5600. Thanks for correcting me.
  14. Dgold

    Softener valve guidance

    Hello, Looking for advice on a softener. I'm on municipal water in San Diego. Water company analysis here claims a max hardness of 310 ppm (depending on the source), but... and I've tested my CH multiple times with a Taylor test kit @ 400 ppm (~24 gpg). From what I've found online, it appears...
  15. Dgold

    Danger of using old air compressor

    Pretty much all compressors are rusty in the tanks to some degree - the higher pressure causes the air to get hot. Then the moisture in the air condensates against the inside surface of the "cool" steel tank. There are compressor businesses in every town, and they can inspect the tank for you...
  16. Dgold

    What kind of faucet shutoff valve is this?

    Asktom, Thanks for the feedback - good to know. If that's the case, I'll take your advice. Replacing valves is easy enough. I've got a total of 6 lav sinks that have these. It's connecting the lines up to the existing faucets that I find to be more of a PITA. Thanks for the cautionary...
  17. Dgold

    What kind of faucet shutoff valve is this?

    Thank you sir! I had hunch someone would say something like that. I'm sure at the time the house was built it was the cheapest option. At 41, I'm having my first experiences with a track home... All kinds of new things... Non repairable stuff, non removable sink traps, unregulated irrigation...
  18. Dgold

    What kind of faucet shutoff valve is this?

    Does anyone know what kind of valve this is, or how to disassemble it to replace a washer? I'm assuming it's serviceable - but I haven't seen one quite like this before. The white plastic knob has "Ameri-Flex by Brass-Craft" printed on it, but Google hadn't heard of such a thing, which...
  19. Dgold

    Best nail guns? Bosch pulled their line

    I have a couple Porter cable guns that I like, 16ga, 18ga, and narrow crown. They're a couple years old though. I recently bought a Ridgid pin nailer and I love it. I'd take a close look at the Ridgid guns, they seem to have thoughtful designs, without adding lots of unnecessary features. I...
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