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  1. Highbeams

    Mysterious Problem

    Hi, all- We're on well water, the pump is 125' deep, it feeds into a 12,5oo gallon storage tank, which feeds to a booster pump that is plumbed to two Red Jacket pressure tanks. I'm not sure about the gallonage of the tanks, they're about four feet tall, and they supply the house. Recently I've...
  2. Highbeams

    Plumbing Water Heater Into Solar Loop

    I turn the electric water heater off at the breaker to save money in the summertime. I can generate plenty of hot water using my solar panels. The problem is that hot water has to travel through the cold water of the electric water heater before it gets to the house. So I'd like to be able to...
  3. Highbeams

    Plumbing Water Heater Into Solar Loop

    Hi, all- I have a solar DHW system that feeds my electric(!) water heater. It works great and in the Summertime the electric water heater stays turned off. The only problem is when no one has been home and you have to run the hot water for a bit to get the solar heated water to heat up the...
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