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  1. pls2000

    CST746 Toto New Drake3 with Tornado Flush

    I guess this is too new to show up on the list of good toilets. Does anyone have experience with the model, good or bad? Thanks
  2. pls2000

    Iron compression coupling. Will it hold?

    >Put pipe dope on the threads for lubrication. Why? The threads aren't a sealing surface. If I want lubrication I'd put a little silicone grease on them.
  3. pls2000

    Iron compression coupling. Will it hold?

    A question for someone with more experience with these things than I have If this joins pipes that are essentially free on both ends, neither pulled out of the coupling nor...
  4. pls2000

    Elbow for faucet to riser attachment

    I've got an odd situation with a kitchen sink faucet. I need a 90 degree turn at the faucet to attach the supply risers. There is enough flex in the risers to do it, but rather than stress them with a sharp turn, I'd rather use an elbow. Does anyone make an elbow with the right threads to fit...
  5. pls2000

    Securing conduit for roof penetration

    I need to redo a badly done roof penetration for an air conditioner. Since there is an existing penetration, there will be very little rewiring needed. I'm intending to install a vertical piece of 3/4 or 1" EMT secured to a roof joist. Put a service junction box on the top to transition to...
  6. pls2000

    Flex conduit through roof

    The existing cable is some variation of Liquatite. The problem is that, being flexible, it move and the movement makes sealing the roof penetration pretty difficult. Yeah, I think Reach4 has the right idea. The only other thing I saw was this...
  7. pls2000

    Flex conduit through roof

    I'm in the process of replacing my roof mounted air conditioner. I just discovered the that original installer (for a previous owner) ran flex conduit through the roof to provide power. What the did was to punch a hold in the roof, drag the conduit through it, and slather roofing tar over the...
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