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  1. hbarkley

    Will my plumbing remodel work (horizontal wet vent)?

    OK, great. I see what you're saying now about jogging. In any case, I feel like I have the information I need to get started and will keep this in mind. Thanks a ton for the detailed responses. This is great advice. Yes, I used KD lumber and I made sure to test each member with a moisture meter...
  2. hbarkley

    Will my plumbing remodel work (horizontal wet vent)?

    OK, I feel pretty good about keeping the vent at 2" once I can get my hands on those stud shoes. And I have no problem doubling the stud there too for some extra security. I now consider the venting aspect a problem solved. Here's an updated sketch: Is this what you mean by "jog in a joist...
  3. hbarkley

    Will my plumbing remodel work (horizontal wet vent)?

    Cool, I think I can do that. I took a picture of the current plumbing and drew on top with the proposal for A. Moving the shower line one joist bay over and then having the vent come out of a wye + 60. I'd have to notch another hole in the bottom plate but that's no problem. I think ideally...
  4. hbarkley

    Will my plumbing remodel work (horizontal wet vent)?

    Thanks guys for the replies. Seems I misinterpreted the code for the wet vent sizing, and I'm glad I asked about it. I updated the proposals below based on the feedback. For the new Proposal A: I moved the shower line close to the back of the room so that the dry vent can take off close...
  5. hbarkley

    Will my plumbing remodel work (horizontal wet vent)?

    Hey everyone, I'm at the plumbing stage of my DIY master bathroom remodel. I have some questions/concerns with how I've organized the layout for the fixtures. The information is in the pictures below. For reference, I live in North Carolina which I believe follows the IPC. I'd prefer to...
  6. hbarkley

    Is tearout OK when using foam core PVC for DWV applications

    I'm relocating my toilet, and as such I've coupled a new 4ft length of 3" PVC "cell-core" DWV pipe to the old line. In cutting out the new length of pipe, I was a bit too quick with the mitre saw and I noticed tearout on the inside of the cut. Parts of the PVC lining chipped out exposing the...
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