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  1. Aaroninnh

    Honeywell AM-1 Chattering

    Bumping this back up. I did have an elbow within 2 inches of the cold inlet, and read that could cause check valve chatter. I replumbed it now and I don't have an elbow closer than 6 inches from either the hot or cold inlets where the check valves are. On the mixed outlet, I do have a 90...
  2. Aaroninnh

    Basement ceiling -main drain connection

    Im having a hard time following your drawing. Is the bottom part upside down? I'd suggest any time you have a major change in direction to try to have a cleanout, so use a tee wye and put a cleanout plug in it. Also, as to slope, 4" pipe can be as little as 1/8". I wouldn't use more than 1/4"...
  3. Aaroninnh

    RO Auto-shutoff Valve with Widest Range

    I've got a permeate pump and am using the pentek pentair 1:1 membrane and my rejection rate is amazing. I just tested it a couple weeks ago...I do it every january. My raw water has a TDS of 65, after the system its 2. This is with a membrane that has passed 2 years of service. Lowering the...
  4. Aaroninnh

    Honeywell AM-1 Chattering

    If it helps, its the model with the unions which has integrated check valves on the hot and cold inlets.
  5. Aaroninnh

    See you later, not goodbye!

    So sorry to hear of this. This forum has done a lot for me, and I enjoyed seeing Terry's posts. His death is a real loss, and I feel sorry for what his family is going through. Best wishes.
  6. Aaroninnh

    Honeywell AM-1 Chattering

    Just installed a thermostatic mixing valve, the Honeywell AM101-USTG-1LF. It chatters often when water is being called for, although not all the time. Its not super loud, you can only hear it standing in front of it. Just want to make sure this is normal, I can't seem to find any info on this.
  7. Aaroninnh

    Electrical Box recommendation

    For residential I like Siemens copper bus. QO is good too, but the tubs tend to be a little small for my liking. For commercial I like Square D QOB (bolt-on QO) for the small stuff, I-Line for the big stuff.
  8. Aaroninnh

    Indoor wood boiler emergency shut off

    Regardless, why not install one? They arent super expensive.
  9. Aaroninnh

    Help wiring new house

    Gas range does not need a dedicated circuit, just a hood if it is cord and plug connected. Reasoning was the NEC wanted to make it easier to convert a regular hood to a microwave hood later which draws a much higher load. I know you have a separate microwave already, but the code doesn't care...
  10. Aaroninnh

    Connect ground wire on water heater?

    You're gonna need to be a little more specific. Is this an electric water heater? If so then in the wiring compartment there should be a green ground screw, or a pigtail, that you would tie to the ground present in your non metalic cable, or metal clad cable, or whatever the wire type is. if...
  11. Aaroninnh

    Question on installing ceiling fans with remote control

    A fan with a remote doesn't usually need the extra wire. Extra wire running back to the switch is for a fan without a remote. Remote receiver, provided it lives inside the fan and/or fan canopy/junction box will just need the 'hot all the time' wire.
  12. Aaroninnh

    Help wiring new house

    Is the range hood going to be hard wired or cord and plug connected? Remember if it has a cord and plug, it is required to be on a dedicated branch circuit and can't be shared with the cooktop. Also, check the single wall oven. Many single wall ovens only need a 20A OCPD and 12AWG wire. As to...
  13. Aaroninnh

    Tankless & Shower w/ Body Sprays

    Parents have an existing 180,000BTU Rinnai RL75 with a single bathtub/shower combo. House is located in New England with estimated incoming water temp of about 45 degrees. Heater has been doing the job just fine. At Delta T of 60 degrees (to get to 105 degree shower temp), estimating their...
  14. Aaroninnh

    Softener valve to PEX connection?

    Yes you can. I like sharkbites better, but agree with Dittohead that if you piping is coming from above or below, the 90 degree is the only way to fly.
  15. Aaroninnh

    Solid MnO2 media for Manganese (and iron) removal?

    I am at about a tenth of your values for Iron and Manganese, although it varies. My ORP is pretty high. My water runs clear as well. I am not a chemist, there are people on here much smarter than I am that may be able to better answer your pH question, but most of the medias advertise that they...
  16. Aaroninnh

    Replacing short gas pipe with long flex?

    Only because the water heater is supporting it. If you change the last 12" or so into the WH to be an appliance connector and it will start to wiggle a lot. Personally, id use some threaded rod coming out from the wall and a split ring to help brace the bottom of the black iron. Also, they do...
  17. Aaroninnh

    Solid MnO2 media for Manganese (and iron) removal?

    Your pH looks decent to me. Have you tested your ORP (oxidation-reduction potential)? Reasonably inexpensive tool to test it. If you get a good reading there, on paper you should be able to address that with Katalox, Filox etc, w/o an oxidizer. All depends on the levels. If your ORP isn't...
  18. Aaroninnh

    Softener valve to PEX connection?

    Looks like a Clack WS1 bypass. Clack sells various installation fittings that you can select from, and in different sizes. Im not aware of a "PEX" one, and remember there are two major types of pex terminations. Expansion (uphonor) and Crimp/clamp, so if you do find a native pex one make sure...
  19. Aaroninnh

    Brown marks on Romex®

    Could be getting a little warm and causing the tar to bleed through. There is a reason the NEC makes you derate multiple NM-B cables when in contact with insulation. I wouldn't worry about it.
  20. Aaroninnh

    How to program Fleck 5800SXT 24,000 grain softener for maximum salt efficiency

    Thats a low salt dose, works out to about 5Lb/CuFt. Bannerman suggested closer to 8, which is generally a great choice. If you want to be more efficient with salt and possibly deal with a little hardness leakage, I'd personally suggest getting closer to 6Lb/CuFt, which works out to a BF of about...
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