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  1. Colemc45

    1 1/2 inch shower drain into cement sub-floor

    Yes- I rented a small jack hammer and dug out the drain. I cut the cast iron pipe after the p trap and used a Fernco fitting to attach new 2" PVC to the cast iron.
  2. Colemc45

    1 1/2 inch shower drain into cement sub-floor

    I am trying to update a basement bathroom (build shower pan and tile shower). What is there right now is a 1.5-inch shower drain that is directly into the subfloor (pitched) there was metal sheeting making the walls the shower with a plastic fitted shower stall. I know most shower drains are 2"...
  3. Colemc45

    Dead outlet

    The outlet under my kitchen sink has no power to it. I have checked the breaker box and the circuit breaker is supplying power so its not a bad circuit breaker. There are no other outlets dead in the house. There are also no other outlets wired in line with this outlet. Any other ideas what...
  4. Colemc45

    Kitchen Sink Install

    I installed my new kitchen sink however the drain pipe from the wall and p trap extend past my sink tailpiece. I am not an expert at plumbing- do I need to take out the PVC wye that my dishwasher drain is attached to shorten the drain pipe going into my wall?
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