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  1. Milesmoony

    Closet Flange Extension Kit Question

    So I have basically the exact same situation you described in your write up. My question is how did you hook the flange bolts into the cast iron if the new floor was already down?
  2. Milesmoony

    Question on proper way to raise toilet flange

    One other note is that the cast iron flange is 7” wide, the opening is 5” at the top, and tapers down to about 3” at the bottom.
  3. Milesmoony

    Question on proper way to raise toilet flange

    Hi guys, DIYer here, hoping for some advice. I am installing a dometic 310 toilet in a trailer from 1957. The old flange is cast iron and is already set about 3/4” below the current plywood surface. It’s actually a solid piece that acts like a tee, with the flange on top and the drain system...
  4. Milesmoony

    Layering plywood on shower walls

    I’ve removed the shower panels making up my surround. Someone had used some kind of coated hardboard, glued onto the plywood walls around the shower. The hard board was starting to deteriorate so I ripped it all off. The plywood is in great shape and would be a pain in the but to remove. Only...
  5. Milesmoony

    Using hydraulic fittings as a last resort in home plumbing

    Hi, this is my first post here. I just finished replacing all of my plumbing and it all came out great, no leaks (2 sinks, 1 shower). I used pex piping with quick connect fittings and on demand hot water. I ran a hot a cold line with tee’s going to each fixture and I used the sharkbite faucet...
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