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  1. Bosun

    Colors of Toto toilets

    Toto Cotton White or Colonial White? What is the difference between these whites? Will be set against a glossy subway tile wall.
  2. Bosun

    Looking for a quality 66" x 32" tub to replace an old cast iron job. Ideas?

    Yeah--I know there aren't many great acrylic tubs out there--I don't know if they have room for the Mariposa. Hmm. Maybe the Toto, if we can find it. Isn't the Dynametric built with a raised bottom?
  3. Bosun

    Location of shower arm from mixer valve--can it have a dog leg?

    Hi--I'm helping my parents remodel a bath, and they like the tub spout w/diverter and control on the long wall of the tub (in the middle) and the shower head on the short end above the drain (typical location). Right now they have this by using a hand sprayer on an adjustable rail. When...
  4. Bosun

    Looking for a quality 66" x 32" tub to replace an old cast iron job. Ideas?

    I know Toto makes a C.I. tub in this size--but it seems that most are fiber glass now. Advice on a good plastic model?
  5. Bosun

    I'm looking for higher seat with round front. 1-piece is nicer.

    Doesn't have to be ADA height, but wondering what is out there. I love my Toto Ultramaxes, but this stool will be for my 80 y.o. parents, and I was wondering if there is anything out there I should look at?
  6. Bosun

    Looking for a toilet you can actually plunge.

    I've plunged my Ultramax once. That was extreme use by my father. It can handle almost anything "man-made." Buy a nice Toto, throw away the plunger, buy a brush.
  7. Bosun

    Toto 1.6 gpf vs. 1.28 gpf? Double Cyclone vs. G-Max?

    I have an Ultramax 1.6 that works great. Any insight on how the new 1.28 toilets work? How about Double Cyclone?
  8. Bosun

    Annual Problem

    The costs here are insane, if you are describing everything accurately. What exactly is the plumber doing? I live in an old house, and I hire a local drain guy to clean the main line out to the street every year. He brings in a large device, opens up the clean-out in the laundry room, and...
  9. Bosun

    Ultramax vs. Ultramax II

    Thanks--I was pretty set on another Ultramax CEFIONTECT, but the local supply house doesn't even stock them anymore. I don't need/want the ADA height thing, as everyone in my family is tiny.
  10. Bosun

    Ultramax vs. Ultramax II

    OK--since I am starting with all new plumbing now, these two toilets have caught my eye. I have an Ultramax in the house, love it, etc... What is up with the Ultramax II? Is this the dual cyclone version? Work much better? Cost a lot more?
  11. Bosun

    Toilet water supply coming up from floor--can Carlyle fit?

    OK--we are going to replace the lead pipes and tear up the floor. So--how far away from center should I move the supply line? It will still be coming out of the floor, as this is an outside wall in a very old house.
  12. Bosun

    Toilet water supply coming up from floor--can Carlyle fit?

    I have about 7" from center--will I have room? I realize the nice little silver thing that covers the ugly gole in the floor wont fit well, but I might be able to live with that.
  13. Bosun

    Inset cabinet in outside wall?

    I am remodeling a 1924 bathroom in Minnesota. The current cabinet is a wall-hung 1960s beauty. Wife would like a classic style inset cabinet. I have taken down the lath+plaster, so it would be easy to frame it in. Obviously, there will be no insulation behind the cabinet--just the exterior...
  14. Bosun

    Exhaust fan through soffit--how?

    Yep--same sort of space betwen the top plate and the space betwen the roof rafters. I tried peeking up into the soffit yesterday by removing one of the exterior vents. full of insulation... (?)
  15. Bosun

    Basement insulation -- XPS on just exterior walls?

    I'd build the stud walls and do yout electrical--then I would spray foam.
  16. Bosun

    Exhaust fan through soffit--how?

    Hi--I have a clay tile roof, so I will need to go through the small attic to the soffit, andf vent out the bottom of the soffit. Will I need to use a hole saw to get though the board where the house supports the roof? 1924 house, concerned about this install. I realize this post might be...
  17. Bosun

    Soffit over shower?

    I'm pretty tall I'll have to measure, but I'm not sure I can give up a whole foot. I'm 6'3", which is a shorty in my family.
  18. Bosun

    Shutoff valve quality?

    Hi--just wondering what you guys like for shutoff valves. I have installed Brasscraft from HD before--some that only require a 90 degree turn. On a larger project we had a plumber who used the "traditional" style Wolverine with a multiple turn stem--he said he liked them better. What's up?
  19. Bosun

    Soffit over shower?

    Hi--I'm renovating a bath--need to add lighting and fan--anyone done a soffit over the shower/tub combo for this? Bath runs perpendicular to outside wall for venting--I can just bend the ducting a bit to fit can lighting, I guess. Thinking of a Panasonic fan--how deep (tall) will the soffit need...
  20. Bosun

    Bamboo Flooring

    Are you sure you want Bamboo? It is fun and has a neat look and is very durable, but some customers are not happy with the long term looks.
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