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  1. Jastori

    Identifying connections at water service entrance

    Thanks very much for the quick help!
  2. Jastori

    Identifying connections at water service entrance

    Hi All, I am looking to replace a leaky main shut-off valve and associated galvanized piping after the water service enters the house (between the underground service entrance and the meter). In our town, this is the homeowners responsibility - the water company will need to shut off water...
  3. Jastori

    Water Heating Problems

    Thanks again for the great information! I was hoping that there was a way to combine the efficiency of a smaller condensing tankless (such as Takahi T-H3M) with a tank, but the 140 deg max temperature seems like a significant concern. Pumping 4+ GPM through the T-H3M would require a pretty big...
  4. Jastori

    Water Heating Problems

    Thanks so much for the detailed reply.... your recommendations make a lot of sense! It seems like one of the key differences between your approach and what Michael Chandler proposed is the max temperature of the tankless. In his example, he had the tankless temp set at 140 deg, and the tank at...
  5. Jastori

    Water Heating Problems

    I realize this thread is a year+ old, but I am very interested in this tankless + tank approach. I'm wondering why you recommend only a ~2 gpm flow here. With this relatively small delta T, most tankless heaters could easily supply ~6 gpm. Wouldn't it be preferred to reheat the tank more...
  6. Jastori

    4x3 Donut XH Cast Iron Hub

    The 'Rep Locator' at turned up the following two contacts for NY. Not sure if they might be able to help at all.... Altherm, Inc. Water & Sewer – Plumbing Englewood, NJ Phone: (201) 871-0500 Fax: (201) 871-0314 Service Area: NYC, N. NJ Empire States Assoc. Water &...
  7. Jastori

    Understanding my tankless with recirc system

    If I'm understanding correctly, the green valve is the supply of cold water to the heater. If you close that valve, you will have no hot water at all ! Keep in mind that the recirculating loop is important only when hot water is not being used - it keeps the water in the pipes hot for when...
  8. Jastori

    Understanding my tankless with recirc system

    Are you sure that the pump is not pumping to the right in the picture? Your "??? Water" pipe would typically be the return of the recirculating loop.
  9. Jastori

    Drain tapping noise

    The linear coefficient of thermal expansion for ABS is 41e-6 in/inDegF. So, a 50 degF rise in temperature would cause a 10 ft length of ABS to expand about a quarter inch. Often, plastic drains are tightly (improperly) constrained by framing members or holes, and the type of sound you are...
  10. Jastori

    replacing the old tub/shower and putting in a shower only...

    That doesn't make a lot of sense. He can still get his own permit for his work. I'm sure the town will have no problem voiding (or changing) your existing permit if you explain the situation.
  11. Jastori

    Unused copper gas pipe hot to the touch

    Well, 12 GA copper wire can safely carry 20 A. A copper pipe has a lot more cross sectional area than 12 GA wire. So, I'm figuring it would need to be more than 20A to make the pipe hot to the touch. If there were more than 20A flowing through the pipe, there would likely be high electric bills...
  12. Jastori

    Unused copper gas pipe hot to the touch

    The only way that a copper pipe could get hot from electrical resistance heating is if a *lot* of current were flowing through it.
  13. Jastori

    Water leaking at and in the water meter box at the street

    Most likely, it is possible to repair the leak without a repipe. Do you know how old the water line is and what material it is made out of? (plastic, copper, galvanized steel pipe) The easiest thing to do would be to have a few plumbers come out and provide an estimate. Explain the problem /...
  14. Jastori

    How difficult should it be to add air to bladder tank?

    You wont damage the bladder unless / until you significantly exceed the target pressure. A good bicycle pump should be able to exceed 100 psi with no trouble at all. The strokes should not be 'difficult' at 35 psi - it should be fairly low resistance at that pressure. If there is a lot of...
  15. Jastori

    Is there a quality shower base out there that does not cost $1700.00?

    A leakproof custom tile base is very possible, but does require a knowledgeable / skilled installer (who may be difficult to find). Personally, this is the route I would go for a large custom shower. If you want to learn more about the proper methods for building a custom tile shower, there is...
  16. Jastori

    Natural gas supply pipe size general theory.

    "a piping system can only supply as much as it's smallest diameter allows through" No, it is not so simple. How much gas will flow through a given run of piping depends on lots of details. All piping adds 'resistance' to the flow of a gas or liquid. Pressure pushes the gas or liquid through the...
  17. Jastori

    Install Electric WH in series with existing tankless

    As others have stated, you cannot solve the low-volume problem with a tank in series. How many bathrooms do you have? Do you need to supply two simultaneous showers? How about a small tank water heater in parallel to supply the washing machine and kitchen (dishwasher and sink). Leave the...
  18. Jastori

    Increasing gas line size to extend length

    In our location, the work of the "licensed professionals" is almost never tested by the *city inspector*. The city inspector doesn't actually know the codes, and *assumes* that the *licensed professional* did the job correctly. While there may be some *licensed professionals* in our town that do...
  19. Jastori

    Don't want to lose this shrub plumbing a trench underneath PICS...

    Definitely need to have a *good* landscaper take care of the shrub (move / replant). The plumber is very likely to kill it. It is possible to save the shrub, but it needs to be done carefully by someone who knows what they are doing. Is there any plumbing option that could avoid the need to...
  20. Jastori

    Hot water re-circulation: two questions

    200 feet is a long way. How big is this house? How cold is your crawl space right now? If the hot water at the kitchen sink is only 105 after 8 minutes, that may indicate that a lot of heat is being lost on the way to the sink. The pump increases the temperature because water is running...
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