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  1. JSA112233

    Question about toilet vent in regards to flow.

    Just because i feel i left a HUGE part of the plumbing diagram out im going to post the full one showing all the vents and branches off the mainline. Maybe this will change the verdict. Is vent #1 still useless? Are the toilets going to be fine or do i need to install a vent somewhere else...
  2. JSA112233

    Question about toilet vent in regards to flow.

    Thanks to everyone who has replied. I will be taking some pictures of the buildings plumbing that is in question and updating this post in the future.
  3. JSA112233

    Question about toilet vent in regards to flow.

    Two questions really. First is prolly simple but since im new to plumbing really i would like to confirm. Does the vent for the toilet need to be in "front" of it or "behind" it. I ask this simple question because the toilet really cant pull air if the vent is in front of the toilet flow right...
  4. JSA112233

    Plumbing a tub. Can I do this?

    New-ish diyer here. Im wondering if i can do this for my bathtub drain. I know there needs to be a vent after the trap to prevent a siphon from forming and pulling the water out of the trap. I am confined to a small area and the vent cant really be placed anywhere else. Im wondering if i can do...
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