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  1. Papote

    Interlock for GE PowerMark plus subpanel

    That's the exact transfer switch I already have. Was trying not to add another one.
  2. Papote

    Interlock for GE PowerMark plus subpanel

    I have a GE TL412R1P subpanel and would like to use a transfer switch to either accept power from a 30 amp max split phase power generator or a 70 amp max solar inverter into the home breaker panel. Is there a breaker interlock that I can adapt like this to this panel? Like this one I already...
  3. Papote

    Check valve suggestion

    Would stainless steel bet better than bronze or is the additional cost not worth it?
  4. Papote

    Check valve suggestion

    I notice there is a lot to choose from between bronze, Stainless Steel, Silicon bronze, double check valve, etc... Which would be best?
  5. Papote

    IBC Tote fill valve

    I am repurposing a 275 gallon IBC Tote as a water cistern. I want for it to fill automatically and stop when full like a toilet fill valve. Is there anything that I can adapt to the lid? I have found online lids with 2 - 2" NPT threaded holes. Can I insert the fill valve in one of the holes? I...
  6. Papote

    Check valve suggestion

    About 2 years ago, I had my main water valve replaced and installed a swing check valve. After running my water booster pump, I noticed I was losing pressure when all the faucets were off. I had the guys that install it come back and check. The removed the clapper and cleaned it but apparently...
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