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  1. Matthew Haberland

    LG Ductless Split Cassette Drain

    LMCN078HV-NG. I did some more searching and I do believe I found the proper way to route all the drains into one larger PVC.
  2. Matthew Haberland

    LG Ductless Split Cassette Drain

    I have installed plenty of ductless split systems, but I have not installed a cassette head before. The insturctions say you cannot pitch the drain up, but the diagrams that they have show differently. I need to run the drain roughly 12-15 inches up before I can start pitching the line due to...
  3. Matthew Haberland

    Does modern house w/high efficiency HVAC need fresh air intake or not?

    What I have always found was putting in a SPRD damper in line with the fresh air in the system. That way it will pull fresh air from outside only when there is a negative pressure inside of your home. The furnace you gave us the link to is the top of the line modulating furnace and air...
  4. Matthew Haberland

    Wiring RA832a Switch into Honeywell EIM

    I am looking at wiring a Honeywell EIM into a boiler system, which is using RA832A switch. I am not very familiar with the wiring for boilers and their corresponding wiring. So any help on how the TT terminals from the switch would be wired into the EIM?
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