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  1. Oldspicesocal

    Microwave vent

    Trying to vent my OTR microwave, the issue is the wall vent is offset about 6 inches from center of microwave and the cabinet is 15 high so after the transition boot (9inches tall) there is only 5-6 inches of space. I’ve searched for an offset boot but haven’t had any luck but that doesn’t mean...
  2. Oldspicesocal

    Furnace cycling

    So it reaches the temperature, you hear a little click the thermostat turns off, the fan keeps going, after about a minute the thermostat regains power boots up the fan stops and the furnace and thermostat idle until the temperature drops and repeats the cycle.
  3. Oldspicesocal

    Furnace cycling

    Need some insight, Have a smart honeywell thermostat, to the best of my knowledge everything is wired correctly(including the common)and no know issues with the furnace. Gas heating and no a/c. What happens is in AUTO-HEAT once it reaches the desired temperature the thermostat turns off and it...
  4. Oldspicesocal

    Broken irrigation pipes

    Not sure if this is more of a “landscape” question. All the soil is clay and lately the irrigation supply line elbows and tee’s are starting to crack causing leaks. Question is after repair would it be better to fill it back up with, non clay soil, sand, gravel.
  5. Oldspicesocal

    Sump pump wiring

    Yes 10-12ft it goes to the lowest point in the pool. Maybe there’s a French drain that leads to it. If the pump doesn’t work it’s not life or death but it’s best that it is. It would be nice if the extension cord has a really long.
  6. Oldspicesocal

    Pipe repair

    Joints under slab? Briefly looked it up seam to not be preferred. My copper pipe got a pinhole leak right at the level of the slab. There’s a coupling there ok? What does code say?
  7. Oldspicesocal

    Sump pump wiring

    Determining if this sump pump is wired correctly, the pump is in a small well that goes about 12 ft. deep that collects ground water (clay), there’s a gfci junction box nearby with a conduit that leads to about ft below the surface of the of the hole. The extension cord is connected directly to...
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